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Shenandoah - Daddy's Little Man (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (16) on 12/31/03
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Daddy"s Little Man 
By Shenandoah

Capo 3 (or play key of F)

D/C# - X40232 
D/B  - X20232
D/A  - X00232
G/F# - 2X0003
Bm/A  X04432

D            D/C#
Now I lay me down to sleep
  D/B         D/A            D
I pray to the Lord my baby's soul to keep
And thats all I ask
    D                  D/C#
Now he believes in the Golden Rule
D/B           D/A                D
Santa and the Old Lady who lived in a shoe
        Em                G            D
I'm his guiding hand, and he's my best friend

Now he is just a little boy 
We build bridges with nothing more than tinker-toys
that we'll cross again
He stumbles through the living room doing his best 
To fill his daddy's shoes
Yes he wants to be just like me.

A                 D 
In his eyes I'm a hero
A                                 D
But he don't know how that scares me
    G       G/F#        Em A D
I'm so much less than a Superman
        C        C/B    A
But for him I'll try to be

          Bm                Bm/A
Cause one day he'll be gone so far from home
   G      A       Bm
To old to hold my hand
                G  G/F# Em
And I'll be his biggest fan
          G        G/F#    Em A   D
And he'll still be Daddy's little man

He climbs in bed with mister bear
Closes his eys to say his bed time prayer.
He says "Daddys great and God is good,
let us thank him for our food." and
God understood, he knows how children do
God was a daddy too.

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