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Phil Vassar - Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Chord)
Album: Prayer Of A Common Man (2007)
Submitter: gsg_60 (0) on 9/20/08
Month Views: 7 | Total Views: 3,480
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Love is a beautiful thing – Phil Vassar

Intro: C Am F G

(C)Looks like everybody’s here.  Had to put some foldin chairs in the (F) vestibule    
Yeah, its (C) getting full.  
Even old Aunt Ruby came.  Her first time on an airplane, It’s her (F) sister’s girl 
She wouldn’t miss it (C) for the world 
And (G) all them kids jumpin in the pews.  And Mr. Charlie in his lime-green suit 
Is a (F) handsome man, remarks Widow (C) Callahan 
(G)Uncle Joe and Uncle Jake, haven’t spoken since 98 
Just (F) said, Hello It’s a good day to let (G) it go 

So let the (C) angels gather Let the (F) music play 
Let the (C) preacher get to preachin all the (G) do you takes 

Lo—(C Am F G) ---ve is a beautiful thing 
Throw the (C) rice in the air Let the (F) church bells ring 
Tie the (C) cans to the back of that (G) limousine 
Lo--- ( Am F G) ---ve is a beautiful thing 

(C)Daddys waitin with the bride   Yeah, she helps him with his tie 
She (F) sees a tear     He says, Man, (C) its hot in here hhmm 
He hugs his little girl and asks,      How did you grow up so fast? 
God, (F) I wish     your Momma could be (C) here for this 
(G) And everybody stands and smiles     As she goes walkin down the aisle 
In her (F) Mammas gown And (C) Daddy breaks on down 
(G)Gran and Gramps in the second row    Stood right there fifty years ago 
(F) And said their vows   Yeah, I (G) guess its workin out 

G  	  	  	  	  	 G
A little table fulla gifts  	  	 Caterings covered dish 
F  	  	  	  	  	 C
And the wedding band, 	  	 Well, thats on her hand
G  	  	  	  	  	 G
And Tommy’s teasing Lorelei.  He pushed her down and made her cry 
F  	  	  	  	  	 G
And neither one knows  	  	 A day will come 

Chorus and outtro: 
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