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Jimmy Buffett - Lip Service (Chord)
Album: Somewhere Over China (1982)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (132) on 3/18/15
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 2,601
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Lip Service
Written by Jimmy Buffett & Michael Utley
Recorded by Jimmy Buffett

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(C7/Bb) |(Am6) |(Abmaj7) |(G) | x 2
         |(C) | x 4 bars

(C)Talk, talk, talk til your jowls turn blue
But you never really tell me what you're gonna do
You seem to keep it all locked up inside
I can't help but start to thinking', you've got something to hide
Why the pain, (G7) what's your game (F7/A)
You're (C7/Bb)driven' this (F7)boy insane
(C)Oooh, what a voodoo (G7)nobody can do like (C)you do

You (C)b***hin' and your cryin' finally got to me
So I thought I'd take you, baby, on a shopping spree
You bought a space age watch and an antique hat
Hell, now it's digital this and digital that
What a pain, (G7) silly games (F7/A)
Still (C7/Bb)driven' your (F7)man insane
(C)Oooh, what a voodoo (G7)nobody can do like (C)you do

(A7)Oh darlin', oh dar-(D7)-lin' (E) (F)
(C)All I ever (A7)get is (D7) lip (G7)service from (C)you
(A7)Oh darlin', oh darl-(D7)-in', (E)I'm (F)through
'Cause (C)all I ever (A7)get is (D7) lip (G7)service from you

Solo:  |(C7/Bb) |(Am6) |(Abmaj7) |(G) |
       |(C7/Bb) |(Am6) |(Abmaj7) |(C/E)(F)(G)(C)|(Bb)(G7)|
       |(C7) |(C 7) |(C/E)(F)(G)(C)|(Bb)(G7)|(C) |(C)

So (C)listen to me, baby, 'gotta change your ways
Or I'm off to Pascagoula in a few more days
I'll leave you and your poodle and all the mess he makes
Find some other fool to man your shovel and your take
No more pain, (G7) end of game (F7/A)
You're (C7/Bb)driven' your-(F7)self insane

(C)Oooh, what a voodoo, (G7)nobody can do like (C)you do

(A7)Oh darlin', oh dar-(D7)-lin' (E) (F)

(C)All I ever (A7)get is (D7) lip (G7)service from (C)you

(A7)Oh darlin' oh dar-(D7)-lin', (E)I'm (F)through

(C)All I ever (A7)get is (D7) lip (G7)service from (C)you

(C) Lip service from you (lip service)

Lip service from you-hoo

   x repeat times to fade 
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