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Ned LeDoux - Forever A Cowboy (Chord)
Submitter: Nickle (1) on 12/19/16
Month Views: 100 | Total Views: 2,742
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Forever a Cowboy

Standard tuning
D  Cadd9  G/B  G     x4 

 It goes like this, dont need the hammer ons but they sound really good.

       D              Cadd9        G/B             G              

 D                Cadd9        G/B            G
He works by the seasons, not a clock on the wall
D                    Cadd9    G/B                    G
Stacking hay in the summer, shipping calves in the fall
D                   Cadd9     G/B              G
Rides proud for the brand, he aint one to complain
      Asus4                       D                                   
never has much to say , always thankful for the rain

 G           D         Cadd9 
Forever a cowboy he defines the word grit
G             D          Cadd9 
His only bad habit he don't know when to quit
Em7                    Cadd9 
Free as the spirit that runs through his veins 
D          Cadd9          G  
Forever a cowboy he will remain

D      Cadd9     G/B         G        x2 

Now hes out mending fences in all kind of ways
The sun rises and sets and hes checking for strays
Knows how to sort things out in all kinds of weather
Through the good and the bad with a soul made of leather

The ending on this, he does a little pinkie fingering with the D chord
  This is all through the strumming. Its kinda like this. You can hear this alot in Chris' songs too



Heres to old Rooster, Woodrow and Gus 
Silver screen cowboys but man they were tough
Salt of the earth in the saddle he sings
About stories and places where cowboy is king 


(Same chord progression as the chorus) 
He hired on the Double Diamond singing 'Strawberry Roan'
He rides and Old Paint, he never felt more at home
Free as the spirit that runs through his veins 
Forever a cowboy

  Asus4  or maybe just Asus           Em7
     0                                  3
     3                                  3
     2                                  0
     2                                  2
     0                                  2
     x                                  0
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