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Jimmy Buffett - Einstein Was A Surfer (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (132) on 3/11/18
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Einstein Was A Surfer
Written by Jimmy Buffett & Mac McAnally
Recorded by Jimmy Buffett
Album: Songs from St. Somewhere (2013)

(Capo on 3)

Intro,:  |(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(Am) /(G) / | x 2

There's a (G)photo of a (D)ge-(C)nius, (G)standing by the (C)o-(D)cean
With a (G)pea coat and a (D)cool (C)hat in 19-(G)43
On a (G)beach in Santa (D)Bar-(C)bara, he's (G)looking quite con-(D)tent-(C)ed
His (G)world is only (D)mat-(C)ter and (G)energy

(G)Past the Channel (D)Is-(C)lands (G)out into the (D)cos-(C)mos
(G)There are worlds in (D)mo-(C)tion that only he (G)can see
He's (G)smiling as he's (D)think-(C)ing, the (G)harbor lights are (D)blink-(C)ing
(G)He's the smartest (D)cookie (C)ever was, (G) ever will (D)be

(Em)Einstein (D)was a (C)surfer
There (Am)really (G)is no (D)doubt (Em)(D)
eCause the (C)universe was (G)his home break
And (D)we're (C)still (Bm)all (Am) paddlin' (G)out

Solo:   / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(Am) /(G) /

On an (G)iceberg off New-(D)found-(C)land, a (G)lyric sits half-(D)froz-(C)en
(G)Waiting for a (D)com-(C)et to crash into (G)the sea
It's (G)drifting towards the (D)trop-(C)ics and (G)melting into (D)top-(C)ics
(G)Fills the sea with (D)answers (C)that have always worked (G)for me

(G)Bass notes from the (D)cha-(C)sm at (G)speeds that we can't (D)fath-(C)om
(G)Music is the (D)language (C)of the near and distant (G)stars
(G)Black holes humming (D)B-(C)flat, (G)heard only by (D)street (C)cats
(G)Astronauts in (D)orbit (C) and (G)singers in the (D)bars

(Em)Einstein (D)was a (C)sailor
With a (Am)uni-(G)versal (D/F#)song (Em)(D)
His (C)sails were tight, his (G)course was right
So (D)let's (C)just (Bm)all (Am) cruise a-(G)long

Solo:   / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) /(D)(C)|(Am) /(G) / |
      |(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(Am) /(G) / |

(Dm7)Order (Am)to dis-(G)order, (Am) (Dm7)it's the (Am)way we all (G)fly
(Dm7)Light (Am)speed is (G)all (Em7)you (C)need to (Dm7)pass the (Am)future (F)by

Solo:   / / / |(F) |(F) |(F) |(G) |(G) |(G) |(G) |
      |(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(Am) /(G) / |

There's a (G)YouTube of a (D)ge-(C)nius, (G)gliding over (D)liq-(C)uid
(G)Sultan of the short (D) board (C) in two thousand and (G)ten
He (G)looks like Valen-(D)tin-(C)o (G)moving like neu-(D)tri-(C)nos
To the (G)oceans in the (D)heavens, (C) where (G)no wave rider's (D)been

(Em)Einstein (D)was a (C)surfer
Who (Am)found the perfect (D)break
Where the (C)strings of time meet the (G)final chime
It's the (D)path (C)all (Bm)surf-(Am)ers take

Outro,:  |(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(G) / (D)(C)|(Am) /(G) / | x times 
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