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Rodney Crowell - Forty Miles From Nowhere (Chord)
Album: Close Ties (2017)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (0) on 8/17/18
Month Views: 25 | Total Views: 2,055
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Forty Miles From Nowhere.
Rodney Crowell.
Album: Close Ties.

Intro: D Dmaj7 D A Bm A Em7 A6 A7 A
      A6       D                         Bm
It rained today, the clouds rolled up at dawn,
    Em                    A
All hell burst wide open, and just like that was gone,
            D       A6           D               Bm
Your little lap dog chased a fox tailed squirrel, 
Bm                                   E
Cross the main road through the wood,
Em                         A
Some ninja on a dirt bike, nearly ran him down for good,
A6                                   D    Bm
Right about now it gets quiet around here, 
Bm                              E
What with nightfall in the wings,
The floorboards creak and faucets leak, 
But it's the emptiness that sings,
    G               D               G     D
The wind grows chill, and then lies still,
Forty miles from nowhere,
A7                   D
At the bottom of the world.

  A6     D    Bm
November sky's, a diamond-studded dome,
A hundred billion points of light,
To guide my way back home,
         Dmaj7   A6              D
When the moon is hanging fat and full, 
And all those jangly stars recede,
  Em7                                A7
A fold out couch on a midnight porch,
   A7                 A
Is where my footsteps lead,
    G            D         G   D
You always said, I made my bed,
D                Bm7
Forty miles from nowhere,
A7                   D    A6 Bm 
At the bottom of the world.

Friends don't call like they used to,
For reasons not unkind,
If there's anything that we can do,
G                   A7         A
Rings hollow down a telephone line.

Dmaj7                                     D
There's a cedar grove in back of the house,
Maybe halfway down the hill,
A place to go and just lay low, 
A                                 A7
When there's precious time to fill,
      Dmaj7                              D Bm
A few gravestones, a pre-civil war fence, 
Bm                       Dmaj7
And the random arrowhead,
Em7                                        A6 A7
Where the beehive swarmed three summers ago, 
A7                  A    Em
Too wet the old men said,
So it's me your, little lap dog and that old brindle cat,
Bm                               Em6
Trying to keep this place in line,
    Em7                          A
And heading into town these days, 
Is the last thing on my mind.

  G                  D      G  D
I weep for you, it's what I do,
D                       A7
Forty miles from nowhere,
A7                   Bm   E
At the bottom of the world,
D                       Bm7 A
Forty miles from nowhere,
A                    Dmaj7
At the bottom of the world.

Fade: D Bm Em7 Em A6 A Dmaj7 D Bm Em A D 
Bm7 Bm Em6 A A6 D Bm7 Em7 A7 A A6 Dmaj7
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