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2012 Bob Seger - Jules Verne's Most Famous Books Are Worth Reading (Tab)
Submitter: haroldmartin (10) on 5/3/20
Month Views: 177 | Total Views: 177
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p>The French writer Jules Verne is one of the founders of the science fiction genre. For 55 years of literary activity he wrote 66 novels, 20 novels, 30 plays and a dozen popular science works. Works of Jules Verne still occupy the second place in translatability in the world, giving way to the superiority of the queen of detective genre Agatha Christie. There are over 200 screen versions of his books. The first five films were directed by the writer's son Michelle Verne./p>
p> img src="/public/album_photo/59/78/06/66be7_498e.jpg?c=1b78" alt="" width="498" height="316" />/p>
p>strong>«/strong>strong>Mysterious Island/strong>strong>»/strong>/p>
p>During the U.S. Civil War, five brave northerners escape from captivity in a hot-air balloon. A terrible storm throws them ashore on a desert island. The bravery and talents of the new settlers help them to settle their lives. The peaceful stay of the Robinsons on the island violates the threat of pirate attack... One of the most fascinating a href="">homeworkforyou /a>novels of French fiction writer Jules Verne./p>
p> /p>
p>strong>«/strong>strong>Captain Grant's children/strong>strong>»/strong>/p>
p>One of the best works in the history of adventure literature. Repeatedly filmed fascinating novel, for one and a half centuries, equally loved by readers of all ages in all countries. It all began with Lord Glenarvan's and his wife's pleasure walk on the Duncan, during which they were lucky enough to find a bottle with a half blurred note of Captain Grant, who was considered dead. He's alive, he managed to get to... and that's where the text of the note is particularly corrupted. The only way to make it out is 37°11' south. But where, at what longitude, in what seas are we looking for a brave captain? Lord and Lady Glenarvan decide to help Captain Grant's children, Mary and Robert, find their father again. The Duncan is set sailing on a journey full of dizzying and dangerous adventures.../p>
p> /p>
p>strong>«/strong>strong>Around the world in eighty days/strong>strong>»/strong>/p>
p>One of the most popular novels by Jules Verne "Around the World in Eighty Days" was published in 1872. It was published in the pages of a daily newspaper "Le Temps" and only then came out in a separate edition.In the a href="">book/a>, we meet an amazing and eccentric Englishman Philip Fogg and his servant Jean Pasparthoud, who, because of the bet, go on a trip around the world. They visit many countries: France, Italy, Egypt, China, Japan and America, where they expect amazing adventures and new acquaintances. Where else can you read about how a young Indian girl is saved from burning, about battles with Indians or how to sail the ocean on a steamer?/p>
p>The novel is truly amazing, because it reveals the amazing talent of Jules Verne to describe adventures and, of course, tell the reader all the details of the time./p>
p> /p>
p>strong>«/strong>strong>Fifteen-year-old captain/strong>strong>»/strong>/p>
p>The Pilgrim Schooner Brigade, equipped for whaling, goes swimming. On board an experienced team led by brave captain Gul and junior sailor **** Sand. A brave, daring boy who is ready for dangerous but intriguing adventures./p>
p>By the will of fate, **** Send has to become a captain and lead an illiterate team. This does not break him, on the contrary, he firmly endures all the troubles, does not give up and tries to find a way out of any, even the most difficult, position. Adventures filled with dangers, wonderful heroes who remain true to themselves and friendship, happy a href="">moments /a>of salvation and striking descr i ptions of unknown places - this is exactly what we all want to read at any age./p>
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