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Aaron Watson - Lonely Lubbock Lights (Chord)
Album: Shutupanddace (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (422) on 5/20/04 7 comments
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 Lonely Lubbock Lights 
 By Aaron Watson 
 Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
 rmofle at 
 Capo 4 
       D              C          G 
 I was singing at the olí Broken Spoke  
              Em        C            D 
 I could have swore she came walking in 
            D          C           G 
 Forgot the words to a song that I wrote 
         Em        C          D  
 Must be losing my mind once again 
 Her daddy is a southern Baptist preacher 
 I had to choose her or the bars where I sang  
 Now when I call I canít seem to reach her 
 Iím gonna find her if itís the last thing 
         C     Em        D 
 So Iíll drive all night long 
        C    Em            D  
 Till I find where we went wrong 
             C  Em      D 
 But thereís no love in sight 
            D   C          G 
 Just those lonely Lubbock lights 
 I was ready to give up the road 
 As I turned onto her street 
 But the silhouette there in her window 
 Was of someone who once looked like me 
 Iíd placed a price on her heart 
 But someone else collected the bounty 
 Now this lost soul donít know where to start 
 I think Iím lost somewhere in Hale County 
 That west Texas wind grew colder 
 As I left her further behind me  
 Sometimes I stop and cry on the shoulder 
 Cause every town I pass helps to remind me 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
well regardless where you are from the correct line is " I think I'm
lost somewhere in Hale coutny " nice tab larry...I like anything by

-ctdeluna | 7/26/2004
does any one know where to get leads for this song

-sonoftexas | 9/23/2004
im guessing its Hale County...since that really is close to Lubbock
-hpiper10 | 10/21/2004
He is from Amarillo and when you are traveling from Lubbock back to Amarillo you go through Hale county. Really, some of you should get someone to show you a map befor you give your opinions. Not Hill county, not Hell county (state of mind or not), it's Hale county.
-lumpyball | 1/25/2005
However, since he is singing about singing at the Broken Spoke, which is in Austin, it would make sense that he is referring to Hill County which is north a ways from Austin. He may be thinking about a girl in Lubbock (which is where I live) but he is in the Austin area. Just a consideration.
-pawpaw | 8/14/2005
maybe, but didn't there used to be a Broken Spoke in Lubbock too?
-ck00negative | 8/18/2005
yes its Hale County. i live in Abernathy on the Hale County Line

-LT/DT | 7/29/2008
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