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Alabama - Old Flame (Chord)
Album: Feels So Right (1997)
Submitter: lmofle (362) on 3/31/02 4 comments
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Old Flame
By Alabama
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

As the intro, when you start in a D, walk up to G by going open on 4th string,
2nd fret on 6th string, then make your G. Repeat this as the intro to
the song.

Capo 3

          D   D/F#  G           D        G
I saw you star------ing at each other
           F#m Bm         E7      A
I saw your eyes be-gin to glow
            D  D/F#  G                D   Bm
And I could te-e-e-e-ll you once were lov-ers
G                A               D
You ain't hiding nothing I don't know

           G                          D (walk down to Bm)
There's an old flame, burning in your eyes
     Bm                     E7               A
That tears can't drown, and make-up can't disguise
         D                G             D                 G
That old flame may not be stronger, but it's been burning longer
         Bm      A          G       A       D
Than any spark I might have started in your eyes

You said it ended when he left you
You say your love for him is gone
But those old memories still up set you
For I might be a memory before to long

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
uhh..if you capo 3 and play d isnt that the key of f?
-bobbyb66 | 2/25/2005
Yes it is but try to make the walk up in the Key of's easier this way...

-lmofle | 2/25/2005
The end of the chorus is incorrect. It should be as follows:

Than any (Bm) spark I (A) might have (G) started (A) in your (D) eyes.
-jlbryan | 5/26/2005
Good catch - updated!
-lmofle | 5/27/2005
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