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Alan Jackson - Remember When (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits Vol 2 (2004)
Submitter: palamin0 (128) on 8/10/03 57 comments
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Artist: Alan Jackson
Title: Remember When
cd: Greatest Hits II
chords by: palamin0 at

Intro - G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D

(verse 1)
         G   Em7      Cadd9           D
Remeber when,   I was young, so were you,
       G        Em7      Cadd9           D
Time stood still,   and love was all we knew,
              G           Em7
You were the first, so was I,
        Cadd9              D
We made love and then you cried,
          G - Em7 - C - Dsus- D
Remember when, 

(verse 2)
          G   Em7       Cadd9              D
Remember when,   writin vows and walk the walk,
            G   Em7          Cadd9             D
Gave our hearts,    made the start and it was hard,
              G                   Em7
We lived and learned, life threw curves,
         Cadd9               D
There was joy and there was hurt,
          G - Em7 - C - Dsus - D
Remember when, 

(verse 3)
          G   Em7        Cadd9              D
Remember when,   old ones die and new were born,
            G    Em7     Cadd9           D
Life was changed,   dissassemble, rearranged,
              G         Em7
We came together, fell apart,
   Cadd9               D
We broke each others hearts,
          G - Cadd9 - G - Em7/A - Dsus4/B-
Remember when, 

(lead chords - C - Am7 - F - G - C - Am7 - F - G -
               C - C/B-Am7-Am7/G - F - G - C - Esus- E

(verse 4)
          A   F#m       D              E
Remember when,    the sound of little feet,
          A   F#m       D                 E
Was our music,    we danced from week to week,
                  A              F#m
Brought back the love, we found trust,
            D            E
Vowed we'd never give it up,
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 

(verse 5)
          A   F#m    D              E
Remember when,    thirty seemed so old,
             A   F#m        D              E
Now looking back,    it's just a steppin stone,
             A               F#m
To where we are, where we've been,
          D            E
Said we'd do it all again,
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 

(verse 6)
          A   F#m     D                   E
Remember when,    we said when we'd turn grey,
            A    F#m    D               E
When the children,    grow up and move away,
             A            F#m
We won't be sad, we'll be glad,
     D                  E
For all the life we've had,
                     A - F#m - D - E
And we'll remember when, 
           A - F#m - D - E
Remember when, 
Remember when, 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
You need to develop your ear a little more, before you start
criticising other people's interpretations of the song. I don't think
it sounds too bad at all, I havent looked at it a whole lot, but it's
not too far off at all, congrats to the submitter.

-sweet j | 11/13/2003
your an idiot devildogg... i played this with the cd and its almost
perfect... thanks for the tab.. and screw off
awesome tab..

-jeremyyy | 11/14/2003
First of all great job on the tab, sounds great to me and I think
this will be another #1 for Alan but I do want to advise a lyric
change....writing vows should be vowed the vows

-tmckown | 11/14/2003
Great job! Devildog, why don't you get on Metalica's web site?
-3pickuptele | 11/14/2003
Since this song is "smells" according to
devildogg, cool name by the way!, anyways,
why hasn't he graced us with the correct version?
This tab sounds fine to me...
-cponder11 | 11/17/2003
devildog is a stupid ass
-corbphil | 11/18/2003
Great job with the tab i love this song but i dont know how to play f
if anyone could help me please do. thanx

-Rocky Thomas | 11/19/2003
yes if anyone could take the chords and tab out the picking patterns
it would e great. i would really like to be able to play this song

-ripley | 11/19/2003
This has to be one of the all time best songs. I thought at first
that these tabs would not work and that something was horribly wrong
but after I played a few times they seemed to make since. These
Chords work for all those that doubt it and the writer is brilliant
because this is such an exceptunally hard song to tab given the Cadd9
and suspended chords which are not normal every day chords guitarists
play. Thank you for the great tabs... now to find how to pick it and
someone write the Lead part....Ballnut04

-Ballnut04 | 11/19/2003
can someone tab it out??.. please??.... i love this song.. alan
jackson is amazing.
-jeremyyy | 11/21/2003
3pickuptele...whatever....Metallica is spelled with two Ls...just
letting u know
-kabo | 11/23/2003
how do you play F#m???
-jeremyyy | 11/24/2003
this tab was great.. but i just didnt' understand this little chord thing
that was at the begginning of the song... can someone please explain
it??.. this tab was amazing anyways.. thanks~!

Em7/A = x02033
Dsus4/B = x20033
Am7/G = 302010

-jeremyyy | 11/24/2003
Chords are good....but capo on 1st fret and it's exactly as the cd.
good job all
-Jules | 11/25/2003
Great song, Great Tab, It is played with a capo on the 1st fret.
-acoustaxe | 11/26/2003
can somebody tell me where i can get music for mandolin, steel guitar,
violin, etc etc??.. a website or Anything!!!... thanks
-jeremyyy | 11/26/2003
this is an awsome song and i really appreciate whoever tabbed it. if you
capo the 2nd fret when it switches over to A you can still play the same
chords as you did when you were playing G
-angus young | 11/30/2003
great job on this's an awesome song, i couldn't find the tabs
anywhere else...but could someone please explain the chords C/B and
-kraigo06 | 12/1/2003
Great Song and A great tab. An Easy play but
Sounds wonderful, you did an awesome job.
-red44dogg1 | 12/1/2003
F#m: 244222 'least that's how I play it.
-s1xstringer | 12/1/2003
is anyone looking for the song "don't close your eyes"??.. i am just
about to tab what i think is the most accurate if anyone wants to check
it out later.. its a good song
-jeremyyy | 12/2/2003
Sweet tab, i did it myself with the radio and just used C...what's a
Cadd9??? Lol, I never do anything out of the ordinary.
-guppie06 | 12/3/2003
devildog, e-mail me and i'll play that s**t for you then maybe then
you'll see you have a looong way to go friend
-joeyatfsu | 12/9/2003
guppie---0 -- some call for 3 here w/ pinky
3 not so much for country
0 though, look up
2 Every Rose has its thorn by
3 POISON and you'll see

Hope this helps, oh yeah go 'head and throw that capo on there 1st fret

-joeyatfsu | 12/9/2003
Just glad to be a comment maker.
-BOHUNTER | 12/14/2003
I'm new to playing and really like this song. Is this mainly a
picking song. meaning you pick the cords for a lot of it or can you
strum it. It always sounds like picking and not strumming

-atlasdoctor | 12/22/2003
yeah, I never saw devildogg's comment but everyong else is dissin
pretty hard core, so I will too. You SUCK devildogg.

-garrettvick | 1/1/2004
Definately an excellent tab. In my opinion, if you play "A" on the
5th fret for the last one in the song, it sounds a lot better.
Congrats to the tabber.

-Flyingjunkie | 1/2/2004
Good tab, Ken.
-JoeWallace | 1/4/2004
I agree, Ken good job!!!
-P.A.LinZ | 1/4/2004
Great job, Ken! I never saw devildog's comments, but I'm sure they
were is ignorant as I'm expecting they were. Thanks again, Ken.
-heyitskane | 1/10/2004
Its correct, sounds good, awesome job on the tab but, who the hell is

-gzibin | 1/25/2004
Awesome! I cant play the chords that great yet, beginner, but tabs
like this, on sites like this helps us learn easier, and faster.
Thanks Again!! God Bless

-AIC66 | 1/27/2004
This A Awesome Song....YEE-HAW!
-John law | 1/29/2004
i love this song and love singing it so thanks for finding it.
from camille

-herring | 2/16/2004
Does anyone know where I can find the mandolin tab for this song??
-SteveAbney | 2/20/2004
just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys that submit these real
good tabs like helps alot i play music in the honkytonks of
Hazard Ky 3 nights a week plus i work so it is real hard to have to
set down and learn all these new song people ask for this helps me
alot thanks again.

-dspencer | 2/24/2004
I love this song. Ive been looking for it for along time and didnt
know who sung it! Thankyou so much! This is one of the best country
ballads Ive ever heard!

-thefoxxx | 4/13/2004
Hey everyone how is it going.
I just wanted to say that this tab is
absolutely correct.
Beleive me I know, because I am the back-up
acoustic player for Alan.
This is absolutely perfect,
I dont know how you guys play by ear,
but its great that you can do that and play.
Good luck with other songs and kgf.
-nipples | 5/2/2004

-rubbersoul | 5/3/2004
good tab sounds awesome, i capo on the
second...but then again i capo most stuff
on the second...nice name nipples
-rubbersoul | 5/3/2004
great tab. it sounds awesome. easy to follow. nice work.
-emmett | 5/20/2004
As with 99.9% of the commentures I have to agree with an EXCELLENT job on tabbing
this I also just finished playing this with the cd and to my ears(which r still good lol)
sounds right on the mark now am going to try to play the intro
and other spots int he song again great job on the tabs
I love this song
-Starting_Again | 8/13/2004
who is devil dog? i guess a retard...
this tab is good...i like it, i love it
-southafrican | 10/9/2004
This tabs is absolutely awesome. I play this song all
the time now that I've found the right tabs. Kepp it
up good job man screw what everyone else thinks
if they don't like what you've done!!!
-brandiwhite19 | 10/13/2004
Good'un always.
-P.A.LinZ | 11/8/2004
I don't comment on Kens tabs much cause there all great
BTW for anyone interested we got the pound to collect "devil dog" and had him put down..LOL
-WayneXG95 | 12/24/2004
thats good

-blake14 | 1/17/2005
tang ina hina mo
-goba | 1/21/2005
hey this tab is awsome its almost .... well nmo its just about exactly right...... nice tab'

-ChelseaSAG | 1/27/2005
Thanks for this tab. Great Stuff. Now if anyone knows the mandolin intro. it would be very much appreciated.
-Burnsman | 1/29/2005
thanks for the tab it got my woman back for me!! preciate it!
-101prooflespaul | 9/21/2005
Cool!!!! Congrats!!!
-palamin0 | 9/25/2005
I should have the tabs up in a little while. I'm just working out the kinks.
-firesidefiddle | 12/25/2005
very well done.
-smada | 1/18/2006
had to play this song today
-sjbells | 9/11/2012
Love this song. Thanks. Very well done. Played it straight and with a capo on 1st fret and it sounded great either way.
-fjyarbro | 3/29/2013
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