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Alan Jackson - Tequila Sunrise (Chord)
Album: Common Threads - Songs Of The Eagles (1993)
Submitter: WildCard76 (109) on 1/19/03 5 comments
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Alan Jackson
From the Eagles Tribute CD, "COMMON THREADS" 

(E) It's another tequila sunrise   
(B) Starin' slowly across the (A) sky, (B) said good(E)bye
He was just a hired hand   
(B) Working on the dreams he planned to (F#m7) try, (B) as days go (E) by  

(C#m) Every night when the (F#m) sun goes down   
(C#m) Just another lonely boy in (E) town   
(C#m) And she's out running (B) round 

(E) She was just another woman  
(B) And I couldn't keep from comin' (F#m7) on, (B) it'd been so (E) long 
(E) Oh and it's a hollow feeling   
(B) When it comes down to dealin' (F#m7) friends, (B) it never (E) ends


(F#m7) Take another (B) shot of courage  
(G#m) Wonder why the (C#) right words never (F#m7) come, (B) you just get (C#m) numb   

(E) It's another tequila sunrise  
(B) This old world still looks the (F#m7) same, (B) another (E) frame

Christohper R.
Knoxville, TN
WildCard76 at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I'm sorry but Alan did not record his version in the same key as the
original (G). I don't know exactly what Alan did use but this only
corresponds to the orignal version (on Desperado, Greatest Hits 1971-
1975, Hell Freezes Over). It cannot be played along with to the
Common Thread CD
-nickelcreed | 1/19/2003
I think since I sat down and was listening to Alan's version he capos
his guitar in about the first fret.If I bar chord with the tape I ply
in sharps and flats.I will sit down with a capo(how I hate those
things) to see
-oldcountryboy | 5/27/2003
What's the deal with cutting the song short? Alan's my favorite singer but the Eagles do this a little better. Great job on the tab. Later.
-boerneguy | 7/6/2004
Good job on the tab, but you forgot to put chorus after the last verse. AJ is awesome. Later
-boerneguy | 7/6/2004
This solo is the correct way to play it.
Ya'll should have fun with this one.
Just listen carefully for each note
and you'll hear it.
-stevie_ray | 2/25/2004
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