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Alan Jackson - That's The Way (Chord)
Album: Unknown (1970)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (384) on 9/26/07 5 comments
Month Views: 122 | Total Views: 19,990
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That's the Way 
Recorded by Alan Jackson

Intro : G/DonB/  C//D7  G/DonB/  C/D7/

(Verse 1)
With this (G)ring I thee (DonB)wed and I (C)give to you my (G)heart
Mine is (Bm)yours and yours is (Em)mine
And we can (A7)live that way for-(D7)ever
With this (G)kiss we will (DonB)seal that we (C)now are man and (G)wife
Two in (D)one, one in (C)two
That's the (D7)way it's got to (G)be/DonB/  C//D7

(Verse 2)
With this (G)love we can (DonB)live, but we can't (C)keep it to our-(G)selves
He is (Bm)mine, he is (Em)yours
We can (A7)live our lives to (D7)tell
I give my (G)heart, I give my (DonB)soul, I give you (C)all my worldly (G)goods
Two in (D)one, one in (C)two
That's the (D7)way it's got to (G)be

(D)I will cling to (C)you, (D)you will cling to (C)me
And (D)in the shadow (C)of the cross we'll (Bm)live on bended (Am)knee(D7)

(Verse 3)
With this (G)prayer I com-(DonB)mit that we (C)both become as (G)one
He in (Bm)us and we in (Em)him
Saying (A7)vows to one an-(D7)other
Hold them (G)fast in your (DonB)heart till the (C)day we see the (G)Son
Two in (D)one, one in (C)two
That's the (D7)way it's got to (G)be

Inst. : G/DonB/  C/G/  Bm/Em  A7/D7  G/DonB  C/G/  D/C/ D7/  G////

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 3

(D)Two in one, one in (C)two
That's the (D7)way it's got to (G)be

Outro : G/DonB/  C//D7  G/DonB  C//D7  G

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
What is the album for this song. Send me a PM and I Will enter the album info.

-Ray Terry | 10/13/2008
Can someone tell me what a DonB is? I looked around but cant find it. Thanks
-CHSLion04 | 11/17/2009
Hi, CHSLion04!

Thanks for your comment.
The chord (DonB) means to play (D) chord on the bass note of (B).
If you play a guitar, you can play just a (D) chord.
If you play with your band, you should play (D) chord, while a bassist should play (B) note.

-Koichi Kondo | 11/17/2009
This song is on the CD that came with his wife's book, its all about him which is also the name of the disk.
-CHSLion04 | 12/5/2009
Hi all,

This song was originally written and recorded by Pat Terry. I have a "how to play" version of this on YouTube at:

Hope that helps,
-gcochrane | 10/31/2011
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