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Alison Krauss - Paper Airplane (Chord)
Album: Paper Airplane (2011)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (415) on 8/1/11
Month Views: 70 | Total Views: 20,691
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Paper Airplane
Written by Robert Lee Castleman
Recorded by Alison Krauss
Album: Paper Airplane (2011)

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (Bm) | (C#m) | (A) | (G) | (G) | (Em) | (Bm/D) | (A) | (A) |

(Bm) I've put it all be-(C#m)hind me, (A)nothin' left to do or (G)doubt
(Em) (Bm)Some may (A) say

(Bm) But every silver (C#m)lining, (A)always seems to have a (G)cloud
(Em) That (Bm)comes my (A) way

(Bm) Anticipated (C#m)pleasure (A) or unexpected (G)pain
(Em) No (Bm) choice (A)I fear

(Bm) And love is hard to (C#m)measure (A) hidden in the (G)rain
(Em) That's (Bm)why you'll (A) find me

(D)Here all a-(Bm/D)lone and still (Em)wondering why
(G)Waiting inside for the (A)cold to get colder
And (D)here where it's (Bm/D)clear that I've (Em)wasted my time
(G)Hopin' to fly 'cause (A)it's almost (Bbdim)over (Bm) now

(Mandolin & dobro solos)
--- | (C#m) | (A) | (G) | (G) | (Em) | (Bm) | (A) | (A) |
| (Bm) | (C#m) | (A) | (G) | (G) | (Em) | (Bm) | (A) (D) | (D) | (D) |

(Bm) People come to-(C#m)gether, (A)people go their own (G)way
(Em) Love (Bm) conquers (A) few

(Bm) And I'll do what-(C#m)ever, I'll (A)say what I need to (G)say
(Em) Just (Bm)not for (A)you

(D)How many (Bm)days should I (Em)smile with a frown
'Cause (G)you're not around with the (A)sun on your shoulders?
And (D)how many (Bm)nights must I (Em)wake up alone
And (G)know in my soul that (A)it's almost (Bbdim)over (Bm) now

(Dobro solo)
| (A) | (A) | (G) | (G) | (Em) | (Bm) | (A) | (D) |

(Bm) My love is like a paper (A)airplane flying in the folded (G)wind
(Em) Riding (Bm)high to (A)then low

(Bm) But innocence is (C#m)fair game, I'm (A)hoping I can (Bbdim)hold (A)it in
(Em) Our love will (Bm)die I (A) know (D) -----
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