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American Aquarium - Northeast Texas Women (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (390) on 1/4/17
Month Views: 116 | Total Views: 9,702
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Northeast Texas Women
Written by Willis Alan Ramsey
Recorded by American Aquarium

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(D)(G)|(A)(D)| x 2

(D)South of Okla-(G)homa, (A)east of New Mexi-(D)co
(D)West of Louisi-(G)ana where (A)all them cajuns (D)go
(D) Therefs a little place called (G)Texas where the (A)women grow on (D)trees
And they're (D)right there for the (G)pickinf just as (A)easy as you (D)please

You better (G)run, (D/F#)take (E)hold
You're gonna get (G)young (D/F#)ffore you get (E)old
And them Texas (G)women is (D/F#)Texas (E)gold
With kisses that are sweeter than (A)cactus

Solo:  |(D)(G)|(A)(D)| x 2

(D)South of Ama-(G)rillo, (A)east of Old Dime (D)Box
You can (D)find your Cinder-(G)ella or a (A)genuine Goldi-(D)locks
And if you (D)don't like love at-(G)tachments or your (A)taste in women gets (D)strange
Just (D)save above your (G)money, my friend, (A)down in old La (D)Grange.

You better (G)run (D/F#)tell the (E)world
You wanna a (G)Lone (D/F#)Star (E)girl
With her (G)cast (D/F#)iron (E)curls
And those her aluminum (A)dimples, ecause shefs so simple

Solo:  |(D)(G)|(A)(D)| x 2

(D)South of Waxa-(G)hachie, (A)east of old Cow-(D)town
Them (D)Dallas women (G)standing up, beat the (A)others layin' down (D)
God (D)blessed the Trinity (G)River and any (A)man that was unaware (D)
'Bout those (D)northeast Texas (G)women, and their (A)cotton candy (D)hair

You'd better (G)run (D/F#)take (E)hold
You're gonna get (G)young (D/F#)ffore ya get (E)old
Them Texas (G)women is (D/F#)Texas (E)gold
With kisses that are sweeter than (A)cactus, come on

Outro.:  |(D)(G)|(A)(D)| x 12 times 
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