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Austin Collins - 11 Months (Chord)
Album: Roses Are Black (2008)
Submitter: lmofle (399) on 12/12/08
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 3,381
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11 Months
By Austin Collins
CD: Roses Are Black - 2008
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

This artist can be downloaded at Ė along with 350 other 
Texas Country/Red Dirt artists that are great to listen to but hard to find!

Em7  D  Cadd9  Em7  D  Cadd9

        Am              Em
Take me back and put me in the throes
        Am                       Em
Of your hardwood nights and your dirty clothes
          Am                    Em
Under the eaves of your cocaine episodes
  G                   D  
I watched it all burn down

At the end of the hall on the second floor
Got your glass in my eye just to be ignored
As I stared through the holes in your broken door
Letís try it one more time

F                      C
11 months and still no peace
C                      G 
11 months thereís no relief
G                          D
Itís too late for what you wanted
F                    C
11 months for you to grieve
C                   G
11 months is your reprieve
G                             Am
Itís not enough to turn around

Dressed to kill thatís the only innocent
Way to cope with the pain as the fear ferments
Under the guise of your last heard argument
Youíd do anything for him

Feed the roots of your love and his alibis
After the chains we played in your suicide
Feeling guilt is a half-bred battle cry
But thatís close enough for you


I see for miles from the top of your steady course
Holding out for the peace using lethal force
Sitting in, spitting out what you canít afford
We wonít try this again
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