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BJ Thomas - Mama (Chord)
Album: All The Hits: The Ultimate (1991)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (415) on 2/4/15
Month Views: 81 | Total Views: 18,984
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Mama (Single, 1966)
Written by Mark Charron
Recorded by BJ Thomas

(No Capo)

Intro.:  3/4|(D) |(A/C#) |(Bm) |(A) |

(D)Who's the one who tied your (A)shoe when you were young
And (Bm)knew just when to come and (A)see what you had done?
(Em) Mama, (A) oh, (Em) Mama (A)
And (Em)who's the one who patched your (G)eye and told you not to (A)cry
'Cause he was too big (G) for you to try?
(D) Mama, (A) (D)Mama (A)

And (D)who's the one you didn't (A)need to plead
To (Bm)give her time to the (A)Little League?
It was (Em) Mama, (A) oh, (Em) Mama (A)And (D)who's the one who gave her (F#m)shoulder
When you told her (Em)your first love was over, (A)she'd met someone older
(D)Mama, (A) (D)Mama (A)

Solo:  |(D) |(A) |(Bm) |(A) It was |(D) Mama, |(A) my |(D) Mama |(A) |
       |(D) |(A) |(Bm) |(A) |(D)Mama, |(A) oh, |(D) Mama |(A) |

(D)Who's the one who taught you (A)obligation
Then (Bm)dedication result (A) graduation?
(Em) Mama, (A) (Em)Mama (A)

And (D)who's the one who's shown the (F#m)friends you've known
A home a-(Em)way from home when they were (A)tired and all alone?
(D)Mama, (A) (D)Mama (A)

And (Em)who's the one who held a (G)tear inside
When you (A) introduced your (G)future bride?

And (Em)who's the one who didn't mean (G) to cry
As you (A)walked down the aisle, the (A)tears you saw her smile
(D)Mama, (A) oh, (D) Mama, (A)

(D)Mama, (A) my (D) Mama, (A) it was (D) Ma-(A)-ma (D) (A) ----- 
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