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Big & Rich - Holy Water (Chord)
Album: Horse of a Different Color (2004)
Submitter: WildCard76 (109) on 7/16/04 30 comments
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Big & Rich
Album: Horse Of A Different Color
Submitted by: christopher r.
8:14 AM 7/16/2004

Intro: (C5)  (F5)  (C5)  (F5)   x  2

(C5) Somewhere there's a stolen (F5) halo
I (C5) used to watch her wear it (F5) well
(C5) Everything would shine wher(F5)ever she would go
But (C5) looking at her now you'd never (F5) tell

(C5) Someone ran away with her (F5) innocence
A (C5) memory she can't get out of her (F5) head
I can (C5) only imagine what she's (F5) feeling
When she's praying
(Am) Kneeling at the (G) edge of her (F) bed

   And she says (C) take me a(F)way
   And take me (C) farther (F)
   Surr(C)ound me (F) now
   And (C) hold, hold, (F) hold me like holy (C5) water (F5)
   Holy (C5) water (F5)

She (C5) wants someone to call her (F5) angel
Some(C5)one to put the light back in her (F5) eyes
She's (C5) looking through the faces
The (F5) unfamiliar places
She (Am) needs someone to (G) hear her when she (F) crys

   And she says (C) take me a(F)way
   And take me (C) farther (F)
   Surr(C)ound me (F) now
   And (C) hold, hold, (F) hold me like holy (C5) water (F5)

(Am) She just needs a little help
(F) To wash away the (G) pain she's felt
(Am) She wants to feel the healing hands
(F) Of someone who (G) understands

   And she says (C5) take me a(F5)way
   And take me (C5) farther (F5)
   Surr(C5)ound me (F5) now 
   And (C) hold, hold, ho(F)ld me
   And she says (C) take me a(F)way
   And take me (C) farther (F)
   Surr(C)ound me (F) now
   And (C) hold, hold, (F) hold me like holy (C5) water (F5)
   Holy (C5) water (F5)
   Holy (C5) water (F5) - holy (C5) water (F5)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Th is is a really good song. Pleas can someone TAB it out for some of
us. Us TAB raders would rally appriciate it.

-baseball_guy07 | 7/28/2004
I believe it is "Take me Father" not "take me farther" in the chorus.
-merseysideusa | 10/28/2004
nah its "farther" good tab
-jwky8918 | 10/28/2004
its deffinatly "farther" just look in the friggin book that came with Horse of a Different Color if you wanted to know that

-muzikmafiadude | 11/3/2004
yeah man, thats why we have liner notes my friend...anyways, nice tab!

-dickysmalls | 11/4/2004
lol not sure this song sould hold up exactly
in church.. the line is definitely 'farther'
and wild awesome job as always
-AcousticCowboy1 | 11/9/2004
I think this is possibly one of their best songs, thanks for the chords
-airwolf | 11/15/2004
umm this is definitley Big & rich's best song thanks for chording it!! if anyone wants to tab it that'd be amazing too...
-sweetwestangel | 11/18/2004
this is a great song and a great music video
someone PLEASE tab it!! good job!!
-burkina | 11/21/2004
Why do u need a tab? I hear no finger pickin....
-Memorex402 | 11/24/2004
Great Tab!!! and its FARTHER!!! Big and Rich's best song..
-ryanjames06 | 11/27/2004
I love this song. ive been looking all over for chords that fit the song. Thank you very much!!!!!
-erinallen | 11/29/2004
Dead On tab, but correct me if I'm wrong, I think this song is palm muted throughout the majority of the song.
-GretschPicker | 11/29/2004
Love the tab, ita farther, comeon just listen to the song. This song it great, i love their voices!!!
-Ilovetoby | 12/4/2004
PLEASE TAB THIS SONG!!!! I am teaching it to my church band and could use a tab
-kaydubya02 | 12/9/2004
it's agood song..... it inspired me a lot!!

-terelsein | 12/9/2004

-TGcountry | 12/23/2004
Hey mr. redneck07. Get a life. This is Big and Rich's best song yet, and the video is great! Couldn't have said it better TGcountry. Keep up the good playin
-Cowboy+17 | 12/26/2004
Guys and Gals, isn't that the beauty of music is that it can mean different things to different people. I did not read the notes and at times I thought I did hear father. However lyrically, "Farther" is what it is. Big and Rich are enjoying tremendous success and if you done like the music.... Change the station. I like the song, thanks for taking the time to make it available.
-camelman | 12/30/2004
I love this song, love u annie
-KCacb | 1/5/2005
I honestly don't like Big and Rich that much. Saw them in concert and wasn't impressed much more...but this song gave them some credence in my humble opinion. It's just so powerful
-BAJust | 1/7/2005
What is a C5 and F5? I'm fairly new to guitar and I can't find it in the chord generator. I see the thing that says x35xxx but what fret?
-yuuku | 1/12/2005
3 means 3rd fret
5 means 5th fret
-WildCard76 | 1/12/2005
Hey Yuuku, Heres a hint with the C5 and F5 Chords:

If your finding it hard to stretch your fingers to the appropriate places on the fret board, try playing it as a barchord. When I played it with two fingers, for some unknown reason it sounded wrong (and my fingers got sore from that after awhile.)

Place the index finger over all 6 strings on the 3rd Fret, and place your pinky or Ring Finger on the D string (C5) or on the G String (F5). Just remember to only hit the right strings :P

Play the A and D string for C5 and The D and G strings for F5
-TSSpheren | 1/31/2005
instead of the G before the chorus try Am7 just play around with it
-football_76 | 2/14/2005
For those who are teaching this song to their church band, I am curious to know what the response from the members of your church is. I am thinking about bringing it to my church band, but am a little worried on their thoughts.
-jtvg | 3/20/2005
I hated Big & Rich at first sight and loathed "Save a Horse..", I mean who really walks into a "room handing out $100 bills"?


I loved this song and also "Big Time". I had no idea those guys were capable of this level of quality in their songs - fantastic tab BTW - great job.
-roddyreilly | 4/17/2005
if you dont like "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy", you just need to get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-wesyonts | 4/26/2005
where did u get those guitar chords at, i like to make a thing with those on there to make it easier forme the remeber, that will be great if u can do that
-Zorex | 5/23/2005
The only song in my opinion besides Wild West Show that B&R have thats worth being country.
I do love this song though.
By The way the majority of this song is palm muted using power chords.
Or atleast thats how I seen them do it live.
-madtabber | 12/20/2005
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