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Big & Rich - Kick My Ass (Chord)
Album: Horse of a Different Color (2004)
Submitter: WildCard76 (108) on 6/7/04 95 comments
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Big & Rich
Album: Horse Of A Different Color
Submitted by: Christopher R.
June 7, 2004

NOTE: I submitted this because I had a request for it...not because I 
enjoy their music.

Intro: (E)  (E) 

(N.C) Well I (E) walked up to the bar  
Laid down my Platinum Card
And I order 50 longnecks for my new (B7) friends
Well, the barmaid passed them out
And before we chugged them down
I held mine up and said, "here's to us", and (E) then (A)
This (E) blonde slid up to me
And said, "that was awful sweet"
Then I saw her boyfriend
(E7) Wide as he was (A) tall
Well, he broke up our hug
With a (E) six-foot-five-inch shove
And I (B7) found myself slammed up, against a (E) wall

Why does (A) everybody want to kick my (E) ass
I'm just (A) tryin' to have a little fun
For (B7) all the ones who can't
And just be(A)cause I kiss the prettiest girls
And I (E) drive my truck to (A) fast
Why does (A) everybody (B7) want to kick my (E) ass

Well, I've (E) never been the kind  
To walk up and pick a fight
I've always been the kind to get a(B7)long
I throw parties all the time
And they're always on my dime
We drink and dance and smoke until the (E) dawn (A)
Well my (E) style of stress relief
Sometimes, disturbs the peace
The police show up, cut (E7) doughnuts in my (A) yard
And while the Zepplin's playin' loud
They run (E) off my party crowd
They (B7) cuff my wrists and throw me down, so (E) hard

Repeat Chorus 

-Steel Guitar Solo-

-Lead Guitar Solo-

And just be(A)cause I kiss the prettiest girls
And I (E) drive my truck to (A) fast
Why does (A) everybody (B7) want  
It seems like (A) everybody (B7) wants
Why does (A) everybody (B7) want to kick my (E) ass

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great Song. Sorry to hear you dont like Big and Rich. I think they
and their CD is amazing. Just good music..and unique! I love them!
Country music without prejudice!!

-ThreeDays9 | 6/7/2004
It's more like 'country music without country music'.

-WildCard76 | 6/7/2004
ya big and rich are probably the opposite of what country music
should be. They are right up there with kid rock, shania twain,
rascall flatts

-dwh1587 | 6/7/2004
if everyone had yall's attitude, country singers would still be
wearing gold lamae suits and we wouldnt have great songs like stoned
at the jukebox and an album called stardust

-jackmmax8 | 6/7/2004
You should give their CD a spin. Not all the songs are like this one.
There are some good Tradition ones too. I mean "Kick My Ass" a
perfect song. You mean to tel me that this isent a pure old school
honky tonk country song? I can see Bocephus singing this one. Its a
great tune! people need to stop giving Big and Rich a hard time.
Everyone is complaining about country music today, I think its great!
You stil got guys who are real tradition and then you got "new
country" who stretches the line like these guys. There is a little
something for everyone. We are all just country music fans!

-ThreeDays9 | 6/8/2004
This is a decent song for them...but alot of the CD is s**t...and the
boys themselves, well what more do i need to say..THEY are the freak
parade...but this song is kinda catchy...and no i dont think BOCEPHUS
would sing it...but yea it is COUNTRY at least...

-cntyotlw | 6/8/2004
as far as your tab...i dont think ya got a few things right, i think
those B7's can be straight B's...and ya need to throw a Bm in there
in each verse:

1).....(E)saw her boyfriend as (Bm)wide as he was (A)tall...

2).....(E)police show up cut(Bm)donuts in my (A)yard...

And then on the last line of the chourus it needs to be:

Why does (A) everybody (B) want to kick my (E) ass
And the tag respectively:

Why does (A) everybody (B) want
It seems like (A) everybody (B) wants
Why does (A) everybody (B) want to kick my (E) ass

-cntyotlw | 6/9/2004
I think yall should kiss my ass.....helll yeah
-booty | 6/10/2004
I think Big & Rich are awesome. They just brought a little bit of
rock and roll into country(it kinda needed it to). Anyway I dont know
whats wrong with you guys, Big & Rich are the reason I started
listenin to country music and I think they are awesome.

-jstapizzle | 6/11/2004
See. That's what I'm talking about. People that don't listen to
country music are going to think that this 'act' IS country music.
They'll soon find out that it country is not about rapping and
dressing like a thug. I'll say it again...with age comes wisdom.

-WildCard76 | 6/11/2004
To be a country music star, what do you have to dress like? You say
country music isent about dressing like a thug, but what does that
mean? I didnt know the way people dress is the way it effects their

I guess the standard country look is the cowboy hat,jeans, and clean
cut looking but look around...

David Allen Coe, a country legend, certainly doesent follow this
look. Hell, hes so drunk and raggedy sometimes, he looks like a thug
himself. He known as a "country music" legend.

On the other side, you have Kenny Rogers, who I think more resembles
a Wayne Newton singer look before a country singer, but he is also a
legend of country music.

Just because these guys look different doesent mean thats the way
they represent their music.

Hell, Charlie Pride is black!! Thats certainly not usual in country
music..But hes one of the greatest around! Looks or the way they
dress dont mean a thing

I really think people are taking Big and Rich too seriously when they
give them negative reviews. They are just guys making music that is
somewhat country and maybe somewhat rock. But they arent trying to be
what radio wants them to be, they are just doing what they want to do.

So if you dont like the song, blame the radio who plays it. Not Big
and Rich, they did this song because THEY liked the song! Not because
they wanted the Radio to like it.

-ThreeDays9 | 6/12/2004
Hell y,all, I like everything from Web Pierce to Willie Nelson to Tim
McGraw. I love Big and Rich. Seems to me its just kind of an updated
Merle Haggard. Keep it goin' B&R!

Later Yall
-blaney1 | 6/15/2004
when ya gonna FIX the tab?

-cntyotlw | 6/17/2004
One question. Why would you tab a song you
don't like? Isn't music about playing what
you enjoy? If someone requested it, then
someone who likes the song should tab it, I
didn't think anyone who posts tabs was under
any kind of obligation to tab a request. I
cound be wrong.
-keensite01 | 6/19/2004
I was sent an email, asking me to
submit a tab of the song. That is
the reason why I did it.

I thought I'd post this review that
I found on

Why Wouldn't They Tour With Tim McGraw?, June 8, 2004
Reviewer: whiskeyprayer (see more about me)
They make the same kind of cheesy, pseudo-pop music
and try to pass it off as country. If you have been
listening to mainstream country radio for the past
10 years, you'll find nothing new here. Of course,
you'll also define Kid Rock as country, more's the
pity. Their delinitation of themselves as "music
without boundaries" reminds one of David Sedaris'
defintion of the world of installation art--people
who view those in the field with talent as unfairly
advantaged and those who judge based on talent as
immensely biased. They, like their soulmate
Gretchen Wilson, through a couple of strippers into
the mix and try to pass it off as hardcore. Actually,
frontal female nudity is PG 13, so not even softcore,
but thanks for trying boys. If they want to know
why everyone wants to kick their a**es, they should
go back and watch that one SNL skit with Helen Hunt
and Hanson. They are, as one reviewer put it, the
Cheap Trick of country music. Most people know that
comparisons to Cheap Trick are never flattering.
There is a reason Cheap Trick (pure pop by the by)
aren't bragged about in the same manner as the
Brittish Invasion--they aren't something to be
proud of. If you looking for a trend as boring,
predictable and bankable as New Wave Big and Rich
are your band. If you are looking for something
with the kind of kick-to-you-gut lasting impact
of The Beatles, The Stones or Led Zepplin pick
up the new Chris Knight or Rodney Crowell. There
you will find music unabashedly afraid to be
country and folk and blues and rock and honest and
frightening and funny--in short, music that falls
outside the boundaries of
-WildCard76 | 6/21/2004
dont know who alot of those ppl are but it makes sense
-dwh1587 | 6/23/2004
yea, it does make the article
putting down TIM McGRAW though? because i
LIKE tim's stuff, and dont think he exactly
fits into the same category as big and
rich. his newer stuff is turning pop, but i
guess hes just being forced to keep up with
the times, but from the begging, he was
country, you'll hear tim on the oldies
country stations on AM radio, and to me,
thats what COUNTRY is. unfortunately, songs
played on the station i get have to be like
at least early alot of
good new COUNTRY artists wont be
played...give it a few more years, and you
will hear people like brad paisley tho, one
of the few left making COUNTRY music.
-cntyotlw | 6/25/2004
lol i think the song is funny, but if these
guys got rid of the fiddle and the word
Cowboy..they would be what they call "rock & pop". my bro
Wildcard knows his s**t... preach on man. this is non-country.
they need to gang up with rascal faggs and emerson drive for the
"wish we was country world tour"...God bless D.A.C
-buffdixie | 6/29/2004
hell yea. [>*]
-cntyotlw | 6/29/2004
Chris - you know where I stand on this and to answer the gentleman as
to why tab it if you don't like it? Because someone requested it - if
there weren't people like Wildcard and myself that actually tabbed
songs from the request list, no one would get a requested song done.
Hell, I even tabbed No Fun by The Sex Pistols for someone. Did I
enjoy the song? Not particularly...but the guy was happy. There are a
few of us that tab songs for others and not just for ourselves.

People like B&R will be the death of good country music. Our only
hope is that the Texas/Red Dirt country becomes too big to ignore and
Nashville has no choice but to play it. That's how it happened in the
70's and it's time to cull out the trash.

And to the guy that said if it were up to us, they would still be
wearing gold Lame' suits...and if they did? As long as they were
still making true country music, they could stand up on stage naked
as far as I am concerned because the outfit doesn't make a country

This is another example of Clear Channel Radio along with the big 5
labels trying to make a buck. I'm just glad I have other options in
my city than to listen to a Clear Channel station. I listen to 92.1
in New Braunfels, TX and they play Americana/Texas/Red Dirt country -
music for the true country music fan - not the fair weather fans that
latch onto a trend or a fad!

-lmofle | 7/2/2004
I agree with you 110%. C.C. is ruining
country music. Every time that my city
gets a new country station, C.C. comes
along and changes it to rap or heavy
metal. Knoxville, TN has ONE country
station: 107.7 WIVK. It's a C.C.
affiliate, so it's the only choice you
have if you're a country music fan.
This is what I mean by force-feeding.
If I want to hear Merle Haggard, I
am FORCED to sit throught Grethcen Wilson,
Big & Rich, Rascal Flatts, and Shania
Twain. If I refuse, then I don't get
to hear Merle Haggard (I'll have to
throw in the CD).

But, what if you are too poor to own
a car CD player? If you are a country
fan, you are FORCED to listen to the
crap in order to hear the gold.
-WildCard76 | 7/2/2004
For one...if it is rap, or
shouldn't be country. If more bands like
B&R come along, country won't be COUNTRY
any more. Ever see the video for "Save a
horse, Ride a cowboy"?. Country isn't
about girls running around, barely
wearing "clothes" in a parade. And if all
the women were like Gretchen Wilson, I
would be afraid they would go in a drunkin
rage and kill me. look at how Johnny Cash
was a druggie and drank, but what did he
sing? Good Country Music. Hopefully these
bands won't continue. And bands like Brad
Paisley will continue. What does he dress
Like??? he dress in the "Lame" clothes too
But he puts out very good music.

-mooman2679 | 7/11/2004
This band is Awsome! great for country music when Steve Earle made guitar town people said it was not country..there is so much great music being made by people we don't hear off Chris Knight,Todd Snider,jack johnson.Great music is just great music keep on playing and picking
-steve simmonds | 7/13/2004

Hell yea, and hopefully Brad Paisley does
continue...if he aint the best "COUNTRY"
artist of the new age, i dont know how is.
Ya know what, i agree that as long as its
good country music, look dont matter, but
yet, if your gonna sing good country music,
then your not gonna dress like a thug. and
so ya wanna talk about david allen coe not
dressin country, and well look, radio DJ's
wont ever play him. listen to his song
longhaired redneck. Us listeners want ppl
that are just like us, and if too drunk to
barely even sing is what that is, thats what
we'll like as long as they are singing good
COUNTRY music. Kenny Rogers, well, wasnt he
more pop anyways? he had a good run in the
pop age of country music, but then when
randy travis and ricky skaggs came back and
turned country back to country kenny rogers
became pretty much forgotten. and yall say
that B&R are makin their music and not tryin
to please radio...well they are trying to
please radio...yall are right about the
clear channel stuff, they are trying to
appeal to EVERYONE, all the rock and pop
fans, and soccer moms, etc...and the real
country artists dont give a damn about those
ppl, they just want to sing their music and
relate to the people who they are like. The
big executives are tryin to make the money
and getting acts like B&R to be too
versatile like they are and doing too many
types of music. Brad Paisley is very
vesatile, he has bluegrass stuff, bluesy
stuff, the slow love songs, and then the
jazzy soundin stuff, good ol honky tonk
stuff, gospel stuff, texas swing type
things, and then the normal just plain ol
country, upbeat stuff. but thats what good
music is. He dont go and do rock and
rap,and pop. Thats where the line needs to
be drawn. there are country stations, rock
stations, pop stations, and rap stations,
then of corse oldies, and jazz, etc...but
those other stations aint playin country to
try t
-cntyotlw | 7/17/2004
HAHA.. I do wonder where the message boards have moved... right on the song you want to talk about. Oh well.. the only reason I clicked on this song was to see what it was talkin about. Originally, I just wanted to get the tabs for Save a Horse... they play that song like every hour it grew on me. Hopefully no other B&R songs will.. I do feel that country music is gettin too far into the latest fabs and fashions of what labels figure will sell more. I'm gonna stick with my favs pretty much: reba, george s., alan, brad, heck.. even allison krauss's bluegrass.
-thedrummer | 7/20/2004
Im with Wildcard here, big & rich dont have musical talent, but they are good at puttin out songs that dumbass, wanna be country fans that dont kno what country is like to hear. Im kno im still pretty young but i love and respect country.....this is a good honkey-tonk song but the solo is a little to hard core and I absolutly hate how they have a rapper, what the hell is that in country music......
-D-35player | 7/22/2004
Thank you for the comment.
-WildCard76 | 7/23/2004
I'm just an occassional visitor to this website, and I must say I am disappointed by all the negative remarks about Big and Rich. If you do not like them, don't buy the CD. I saw them with Tim Mcgraw and thought they were fantastic. Didn't care much for the "save a horse song" when I first heard it, but after seeing them live, I was hooked. If you are complaining about them not being country, well put them right up with Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and countless others that are accused of selling out. In reality, they are being true to just making music. If a "country singer" has access to a wonderful song, but it is deemed not country enough, does that mean they shouldn't cut it? You could say there is nothing "country" about many of Tim Mcgraw's songs. Live like you were Dying is not country, has nothing to do with getting drunk, cheatin' on your wife, Momma, jail, etc...THANK GOODNESS! It's about life, which in my opinion is Country music at its finest. There are only a few formats left on radio: hip hop, Rock, country, easy yes, country is where a lot of what used to be the "pop" format would play, there just is not a "pop" format anymore. If you don't like it, stick to CD's and AM radio. The rest of us are living in the year 2004 and won't hold it against people if they just want to make good music. BTW- I'm also a big George Strait fan, so I do like the traditionals as well. However, I must admit, every Alan Jackson song is beginning to sound like every other Alan Jackson song. Writing tab for him must be easy, just change the words. So the tradionalists can get stale and lose a persons interest. You gotta have something a little different, and these guys are certainly that. The other thing they do for country is bring a few non-country fans over for a new listen and pick up a few new fans. There is nothing wrong with that. Any song that you can listen to and walk away with a smile on your face is a s
-ang1480 | 7/27/2004
alright look, all yall makin' the same remarks everyone made about charlie daniels and hank jr hell, people even said this stuff about garth, what yalls problem is is not wanting to accept change, yea, big and rich is threatening to make a country music revolution, but it would be temporarily. ya wanna know why? Cos we still got the traditional Joe Nicols type running around, wich is great. Now I'm just a 16 eyar old, but i know my music. I was raised on the classic country, then on to the newer stuff, and i moved over to rock. I am absolutly f'n giddy that someone finally found a way to blend the two. And why do people make music? because they like it. Who cares what it is? It's people who degrade and put down other music because they dont like it or like the name of it who disgust me.
-iamsupermanv2 | 7/27/2004
We have as much right to 'put them down' as
you have to take up for them.
-WildCard76 | 7/30/2004
hell ya
Yall keep tellin us how crappy we are for postin
negative comments on this site... but what the
hell do you think we are doin for us? You people
are just hypocits. You bash us for not keeping
our mouths shut about something that we dislike.
-dwh1587 | 7/30/2004
I totally agree. The way I feel about this
group is my OPINION. Last time I checked,
that's one of my rights (FREEDOM).
-WildCard76 | 8/3/2004
wildcard is the man!!!

Keep it Country!!!

And just cause a song is not about getting drunk, cheatin, trains, pick up trucks, rodeo, doesn't mean isnt counrty. Country music is about life, its pure, and truthful!
Just three chords and the truth!!!
-murph_2121 | 8/5/2004
every one of you asswhipes who dont think that big and rich is an amazing group is a no talent ass clown who dosent know s**t about anything...enough said...
-sureshot | 8/15/2004
Well, that was mature.
-WildCard76 | 8/16/2004
You guys that can't stand roots rock, or alternative country aren't looking at the songs. The lyrics, the rhythms, the attitudes are expressive of our time. Artists like B&R put out music for today. Don't get stuck in a time warp; country music evolves, as rock did, as R&B did. Just because it doesn't make you want to slit your wrists or drink yourself to death doesn't mean it isn't country. Shania Twain isn't country, I'll give you guys that one...Gretchen Wilson too, but Tim McGraw??? Come out of the cave boys, it's 2004.
-bigski14 | 8/19/2004
i somewhat agree on big and rich not being
country but whoever said tim mcgraw
is not country is just plain stupid.
if you get a chance to hear tim's new
song "back when" you will see and hear
what i am talking about. heard it on
jay leno last night and believe me
it doesn't get anymore country.

-phoondawg | 9/1/2004
You might be referring to my comment bout tim...i was asking about the comment b4 tho bc the article that was posted was unclear, i agree that tim is country and i like him, so thats what i was asking about. but i agree that big and rich aint country.
-cntyotlw | 9/2/2004
Hey yall i dont care what yall think i love B&R and i love this song too! I saw them in concert at Jillians last night and they were awesome as usual so BIG AND RICH BABY!
-FordDixieGirl06 | 9/6/2004
i dont know how you guys could listen to big n rich and say they suck...they do for country music what blink 182 did for punk rock. THEY'RE MAKING PEOPLE LISTEN TO COUNTRY's not a revolution it's an evolution...
-KevLeg915 | 9/22/2004
i dont know how you guys could listen to big n rich and say they suck...they do for country music what blink 182 did for punk rock. THEY'RE MAKING PEOPLE LISTEN TO COUNTRY's not a revolution it's an evolution...
-KevLeg915 | 9/22/2004
WildCard good job, thanks for all the songs you
tab for me. You do an excellent job, you've got
a good ear. You and your brother and who every
else made disrespectful comments about Big&Rich
quit running your F**kin mouth.Me Personally,
I like the song. As for the rest of the CD,
most of it does suck, but thats not what
this comment posting is for. It's not to Diss
peoples music. Noone Gives A F**K if you like
the song. This wasnt put on this website for
you to sit and talk s**t about bands and their
music, its for people to make comments
on how well you wrote out the music, so how
about everyone shut the f**k up and use this
comment posting to help write music.

-juan aguilera | 10/1/2004
Is Hank Williams Sr. country? Well, when he came out, he was different than anyone before him.

Is Buck Owens real country? Most of you traditionalists would say yes. Well, when he came out he was different than everyone else with the "Bakersfield sound."

Point being that country music (as does any music) has to grow and change. Now I'm not saying B&R are the future of country music. As things grow and change you get many attempts that don't quite hit the mark.

If you like the old sound, well there are thousands of records for you to listen to. For us younguns we have to take it to a different level especially given that many of us grew up where all different types of music were available to us. That is going to affect us as musicians.

Would I place a rap in my country, probably not (I'm not a big fan of Cowboy Troy). But "Kick My Ass," "Deadwood Mt." and of course "Save a Horse" are all great songs. Call it country, call it rock, call it new about we just call it music and we like it...or not.

As far as the "neo-traditionalists"...God bless em. I love Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson. But I have to ask...would you hear one of the ol' timers singing "Celebrity?" That is a pop song just as much as "Feels Like Today" by Rascal Flatts is.

-1moreguitarist | 10/3/2004
Ok. Let's say they make people listen
to country. Well, the people that listen
to Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Lonestar,
and Rascal Flatts, aren't going to listen
to the good country music. If they hear
a George Jones song, they are still going
to change the station. We can't force people to
listen to real country...but radio
can FORCE us to hear this new crap.
-WildCard76 | 10/4/2004
That is completely untrue that they won't listen to old country. It is very common for people to look back to the music that inspired the people they listen to and check it out. Why do you think so many young people listen to Johnny Cash (besides he kicks ass)?

I listen to Big and Rich and then I listen to Willie and Waylon and Hank Sr. Good music is good music, and real fans of music recognize that!

Let's not forget George Jones also did "Hi-tech Redneck." Not everything that everything does can be golden!
-1moreguitarist | 10/6/2004
here's my point, in the 60's and 70's it was Johnny cash, waylon, merle, willie, and hank that got the outlaw thing going and people back then didnt think that was country, but how ironic that that style of music is now the cornerstone of what we think country music is. Acts like Big and Rich, Montgomery Gentry have those people to thank that allow them to fall under the country umbrella...Hank's song Naked Women and Beer, is it country, yes...why cause it's Hank Williams Jr, not because it sounds country, the same goes for Kid Rock's Cadaillac P***y w/ Hank Jr. Its now country cause Hank had his hands on it. Thats the point we have reached. Kick My Ass is as much of a country song as Prop Me Up byside the jukebox when I die, and I love this bar, and every George Jones song in existence.
-frankthetank | 11/4/2004
Anyone who thinks B&R is country is obviously new to the format. Go get Mark Chesnutt's new cd "Savin' The Honky Tonk". That's country.
-ryanwxbm | 11/10/2004
I Say we git rid of the "MUSIC MAFIA"...bunch a damn pop artists if u ask me...I think Kenny Chesney is the same way...Stick with GEORGE STRAIT!!
-rebel_pride7165 | 11/17/2004
Amen, brother. These people don't know
what country music is.
-WildCard76 | 11/17/2004
Holy Crap. Isn't this just typical of the south. The slightest hint of something different and their ready to burn crosses not to mention bridges. Yeah Yeah I made a stab at the south, deal with it. I don't live there but where i'm from it's just as country if not more. Are they bad people? Did they hurt somebody? No all they hurt was the pride of a couple rednecks. Where is the love? not here, not in country music the most non-descriminatory genre there is. I don't get it.

"radio can FORCE us to hear this new crap."

No they can't. You have fingers right? and you can push buttons right? Then change the station. If people stop listening to them they loose advertising. In turn they make less money. So they have to change just to suite the audience. You believe that someone can force you to listen to something. Sorry, no they can't. Have some self respect and dignity in the fact that you have the choice to turn off the radio. We don't live in a communist state.

"Anyone who thinks B&R is country is obviously new to the format. Go get Mark Chesnutt's new cd "Savin' The Honky Tonk". That's country."

I do think B&R is country, that's my opinion and i'm entitled to it. I am not new to country. I was raised country, and I will die country. But thank for the consideration to judge that I am new to country. I do own Mark Chesnutt's cd and I love it just as much as my B&R, my Tim McGraw, my D12, my Willie Nelson, my Metallia, and my Corb Lund.

The closest thing B&R are to any catagory of music is country. That's just the way it is.

Feel free to e-mail me with your opinions
-Osiris | 11/18/2004
You know, this navy deal is bringing me places i never thought i'd see, and everywhere i go, people see B&R as COUNTRY!
And personally, it think its a change for the better. You can look at any music, it doesnt stay the same, everthing changes. JUST GET USED TO IT! Look at classic rock, its is what is is today because people like jimi hendrix, led zepplin, and lynard skynard pushed the bucket into new territory. thats the same as what B&R are doing and i say rock on boys, me and half the country are right behind you.
-kenthebert | 11/20/2004
i agree that big and rich isn't really country. i saw them with tim mcgraw and i really didn't enjoy the concert. i went to see a country concert, hang out with some rednecks and drink some beer. i did not go to hear a "country" band rap. that just pissed me off to no end. i don't think they put on a bad concert but i don't think they belong at a country concert. if they want to be country they should sing country music. and whoever said that every allan jackson song sounds the same is an idiot. allan jackson plays some awesome tunes. you ever hear "it's alright to be a redneck"? great song and i think if more people weren't embarrassed to be a redneck country could go back to the way it should be. people like george strait and allan jackson and yes tim mcgraw. and would it kill big and rich to dress a little more country. if they are going to claim to be country they could at least look the part. the video to save a horse just pissed me off.
-herkdogg75 | 11/24/2004
I could not agree more!
-WildCard76 | 11/24/2004
i agree with herkdogg75. and it didn't really sound like he was getting all pissy about the clothes. and calling him a fag because he has a different oppinion then you? what are you like the least intelligent person in the world? you must be pretty trashy. in what way did he sound like a fag? i personally like big and rich. i think they play decent music. but i do not think they sound country, look country, or act country. does that make me a fag too? no it doesn't so just shut your f**king mouth you piece of s**t.
-EVFootBaller75 | 11/28/2004
I think the vulgarity needs to stop.

That is my personal opinion.
-WildCard76 | 11/28/2004
you're right. i apologize for my language. that was out of line. but i meant what i said minus the cuss words.
-EVFootBaller75 | 11/29/2004
i am the same person as herkdogg75. and thank you evfootballer for agreeing with me but i also think the cussing needs to stop. lets keep this a clean web site. we can argue about the music but that's no need to get into a name calling game.
-herkdogg | 11/29/2004
and by the way i wasn't complaining about what they wore in the video. i was complaining about the video itself. i don't know how you can watch that video and still think that compared to anything else they are country. and why would you call me a fag because my oppinion is different than yours? that doesn't really make sense?
-herkdogg | 11/29/2004
what is country music in MY eyes?

Georeg Strait. Alan Jackson. Brad Paisley. John Conlee. Deryl Dodd. Mark Chesnutt. Terri Clark. Dierks Bentley. Travis Tritt. Steve Wariner. George Jones. Darryl Worley. Reba McEntire. Patty Loveless. Radney Foster. Robbie Fulks. Wade Hayes. Dean Miller. Earl Thomas Conley. Gary Allan. Tracy Byrd. Tracy Lawrence. Randy Travis. Rick Trevino. Ty England. Kevin Fowler. Dallas Wayne. Dale Watson. Wesley Dennis. I could go on and on. Some artists out there, actually love country music. They RESPECT country music. The reason I do not like Big & Rich is because they do not respect country music. Anyone who tries to degrade music by making it look like they have, has no respect. They are only in it for the money, and will do whatever they have to, to achieve it. Take a look at the charts...they have not had a Billboard Top-10 Single/Track, yet their album has sold 2 million copies. What does that tell you? It shows me that country radio does NOT want them.
-WildCard76 | 11/29/2004
you forgot george strait
-herkdogg | 11/30/2004
I can't believe I forgot about the 'King'.
I fixed it, though!
-WildCard76 | 11/30/2004
haha, i would hope so!!
-herkdogg | 12/1/2004
Please, everyone just shut up I'm trying to hear the song.
-StampedeUSMC | 12/7/2004
I hear a lot of people argue the big and
rich are not trying to fit into any
country stereotype, they just play what
they feel. it seems to me that they are
trying to fit into a stereotype, they try
to be as outrageous as they can be in order
to sell more tickets. the only problem with
that is that you don't ever aquire true fans
just people liking you because you
entertained them for a while by being wacky
and weird. and while some of there songs
are kinda of catchy, I don't think it has
any place in country music. and i can't
believe anyone would compare artist's like
hank, hank jr, wille, waylon, merle, cash,
and the possum who are timeless to newcomers
like big and rich, who might be decent but
in no way are or will ever be great
-phoondawg | 12/14/2004
I totally agree.
-WildCard76 | 12/14/2004
id just like to say that whoever doesnt like this song or Big&Rich, they better get used to it because this is the future of country
-country_rocky | 12/18/2004
Let me ask everyone a question. Has all of this arguing back and forth changed anybody's mind (or is it just a waste of time)?
-dewalt17 | 12/19/2004
well all you haters can KISS MY ASS cause ya'll just wish you were half as good of country musicians as they are f**k yall. except wildcard good tab.
-stballa24 | 12/22/2004
Big n Rich are great just like alot of other artists i hear on the radio. I just dont see what everyone is b***hing and complaining about. And anyone who his half as successful as anyone in the music industry has allready made big!!
-pulaskimark | 1/4/2005
if this is the future of country then country is going downhill fast. personally i don't think this is the future of country. as long as we have guys like brad paisley alan jackson, george strait there is still hope for country. this is not the future of country because i don't think big and rich will be around that long. yes they have some catchy songs. but i think people will tire of the way they act. i do not think that in 50 years people are going to look back and remember big and rich. at least not country fans. they will remember the true country artists. people that didn't have to act like idiots just to make some money. artists that were liked for there voice and the music they sang. not for what they did in a music video or something they said.
-herkdogg75 | 1/5/2005
Can I hear an AMEN????

I could not have said that better,
-WildCard76 | 1/5/2005
O shut up tabber. Big&Rich are cooler than youll ever be. shut up before I kick your Ass.
-Haydenmattey | 2/1/2005
could somebody please tell me what everybodys b***hin about? i personally dont give 2 s**ts whether anyone likes these f**kin people or not. this is a damn country music GUITAR TAB site. not a motherf**king chat room. why dont all of ya quit your b***hin and arguing like some damn idiots, and help perfect the damn tab. thats what this is supposed to be used for you ignorant sons o b***hes!!
p.s. long as i got my guitar, a country boy can survive!!
-barker462 | 2/1/2005
Wow. I guess when you are 13, you
feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof.
-WildCard76 | 2/1/2005
honestly why would you even post something like that? do you feel better about yourself? you didn't benefit anyone including yourself. please don't waste our time with anymore of those.

and wildcard i was looking at some of your other tabs and they looked great. keep up the good work!!
-herkdogg75 | 2/14/2005
Listen to my opinion. Big and Rich, I love them. Obviously some people don't but why does anybody care about what anyone else thinks. I love Big and Rich because they took a risk and rapped on there album. They put songs that no-one told them to. They have fun and they just wanted to make an album that they would like. 'Rollin', there ballad song has stuff in there for a country listener and a non-country listener. 'Wild West Show' is a perfect country song. 'Big Time' is a country song. 'Kick My Ass' is a perfect country song and ends with some cool rap. 'Six Foot Town' is a perfect country song. 'Holy Water' is an amzing healing power song. A great song. 'Saved' is also amazing. 'Real World' is really cool and a song that they were told not to record but they did it anyway and I love it it's so funny. All of there songs are all THEM. Thats they're music. U can call it country, u could call it rock, U can call it music mix up, and you could call it Country Music Without Prejiduce. Big & Rich make there music and I'm a hard-core country fan but when I heard their album I just loved it. SO country fans loosen up, and lighten up even if there not pure country, listen to there music, not country muzik, but Big & Rich music. They love everbody but you guys don't even give it a chance.
-cool_hand459 | 4/22/2005
The 'B' is a 'B7'
-cool_hand459 | 4/28/2005
Personally I love Big and Rich, but i really believe people need to stop assuming a musician has to stick to a certain genre of music.

Why should the public try to limit how an artist expresses himself? Thats a frustration anyone signed under a record label goes through and gets extremely sick of and thats one reason I am a HUGE fan of what Muzik Mafia is doing...
They are giving their artists the freedom to express themselves and so far its turning out extremely well with both Big and Rich, and Gretchin Wilson...

Gretchin is the first lady artist i have heard in a while i can stand listening too because of how she is not held back by the expectations of the public, and country music itself of a woman...

Keep on going big and rich and Muzic Mafia, you're already inspiring country musicians around the country (such as myself) to lay it to the record man and express what you desire in your own music freely...
-CbG_0404 | 5/2/2005
I'm not gonna say anything good or bad about big n rich but i will say that anyone who thinks this particular song is not country is pretty much wrong. This song has a country tempo, a country progression, country lyrics, and all the country instruments. Further, this is the classic 1-4-5 chorde progression that is in "I'm so lonesome I could cry" and about a million other great country songs. If you still don't think its country, you better study up. I could care less for the act that big n rich puts on, but underneath the circus there is some undeniable talent and anyone who disagrees can email me their own music and we'll see how much better theirs is. Now cowboy troy is a different story, he is (in my opinion) a slap in the face to thousnads of talented people in nashville w/out deals. However, that will probably end right after his chicken song, so its not really worth talkin bout.
-kevinhenneman | 5/9/2005
Cowboy Troy is just doing what he likes to do and what he feel's... Who are you to say thats good or bad or right or wrong? i'm not a huge fan of it but I don't believe he's a slap in the face to anyone, He's expressing himself in his own way and thats what music is all about
-CbG_0404 | 5/17/2005
he's expressing himself in the wrong genre
-WildCard76 | 5/17/2005
I just got done watching cowboy troy at the detroit hoedown this weekend and he honestly sounded very bad. I'm not one of those people who are gonna say that he is ruining country or he doesn't belong. If someone makes their own kind of music thats fine, if I don't like it I just won't listen to it. However, if they just plane suck live, then they are simply a product of a record lable trying to "shock" people into opening their wallets. This weekend at the hoedown, there were several boos which only means one thing, you guessed it. After suffering through cowboy troys gig Gary Alan cleaned up after him and it was what real talent sounds and feels like.
Oh, and just so you guys who disagree w/ me don't have to waste your energy replying, I already know that cowboy troy is famous and I'm not, and I probably will never reach his level of greatness so I should stop "hating" (as cowboy troy would say).
-kevinhenneman | 5/20/2005
I saw Gary Allan at the Downtown Hoedown,
in 2003. He was the best act there. Diamond Rio
did good, but Gary was the best. Since then, I have
been to 4 Gary shows. He knows what country
-WildCard76 | 5/20/2005
As long as we've got gary alan, brad paisley,and dierks bentley, I don't give a s**t if nashville gives pee-wee herman a record deal.
-kevinhenneman | 5/23/2005
hey ! is this a tab board?or the new bellsouth friends and family plan?jeez folks,keep it about the music .
-skeeter | 6/6/2005
i have also seen gary alan live. and he puts on a great show. it's a shame what he's had to go through in the last year but i'm glad he's putting out some new music showing that he's doing alright.
-herkdogg75 | 6/10/2005
Those of you who think big and rich and the muzik mafia are dumb, your just weird, sry. they're all about music, i think b&r and Gretchen Wilson are the best thing to happen to country since Garth! this song is hilarious! thanks for tabbin' it
-TCtrumpeter08 | 8/21/2005
EXACTALLY! You just proved my point.
When Garth emerged on the scene, he
brought along dozens of other acts.
Those acts were rock and rollers,
pretending to be country. This is the
exact same thing. Big & Rich, Gretchen
Wilson, Cowboy Troy, Jason Aldean, and
the rest of them were not raised on country.
The only reason they are considered
country artists is because no other
genre of music would have them.

I recently read an interview with Brad
Paisley. This is what he said...

"Country music is a coloring book. You
can't just MAKE STUFF UP and call it
country. There are LIMITS you need to
adhere to."

-WildCard76 | 8/21/2005
Dude, who cares what genre they say they are or sound like? If it's music and you like it, just listen to it! Music is supposed to be fun, and you're makin' a big deal out of nothin' b/c B&R put electric guitar and fiddle together. Just enjoy if you wanna!
-TCtrumpeter08 | 8/25/2005
I agree with the previous comment. I ain't gonna add anything more to this discussion (which should be taking place on a discussion board, probably).

I will add, however, that this is a great tab. Good job (as always).
-twizzle05 | 9/25/2005
I'm not gonna get on here and preach like aot of the others here, that's not what this is for. WildCard, thanks again for tabbing some great tunes. You and a few others have helped me out on several different occasions. As far as the song debate...who's right and who's wrong doesn't really matter. It's a personal opinion and if we can't show each other respect here then the best thing to do is keep the jabs and stabs to ourselves and just make some damn good music. Again, WildCard thanks for taking the time to post the tunes... I'd add a few myself but I unfortunately I see how ungrateful people can be.
-andy g | 11/23/2005
Hey cntyotlw - I know this it's been awhile ...
but I think where you wanted E-Bm-A should be E-E7-A. Try it out. (use 020130)

The Bm doesn't seem to fit in there.
-smh444 | 1/17/2006
what the f**k are you guys talking about? This is country music you wouldnt know country music if you heard it im not a huge fan of big and rich but this definitely is contry music trust me i grew up on it have a good one =) (all in good fun)
-hoofhearted | 5/29/2008
good job on the song by the way... please dont kick my ass hahaha
-hoofhearted | 5/29/2008
big & rich is as country as hank jr... take B&R they go from save a horse and kick my ass to deadmood mt. and when the devil gets the best of me....hank goes from all my rowdy friends to outlaw women or come and go blues......same s**t differnt day there boys and i grew up on everything from hank merle and good ol david allen coe johnny waylon and willie anyone can see that these fellers here are country
-pickupman_2007 | 8/19/2008
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