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Big & Rich - Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy (Chord)
Album: Horse of a Different Color (2004)
Submitter: lmofle (24) on 5/24/04 65 comments
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Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy
By Big & Rich
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Use Barre chords when doing the D-E slide

Barre Chords:

A - 577655
D - X57775
E - X79997

Many thanks to Palamin0 for setting me straight on the correct 
chord progression. The tab I had originally done was off and after
lengthy discussions and checking my tab against the mp3, I was wrong. 
Thanks for the help, Ken!

        E                              A
Well, I walk into the room passing out hundred dollar bills
       E                                         A
And it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grill
      E                                       A
And I buy the bar a double round of crown and everybody's getting down 
         E                             A
An' this town ain't never gonna be the same

        E                        A
Cause I saddle up my horse and I ride into the city
  E                             A
I make a lot of noise cause the girls, they are so pretty
 E                                A
Riding up and down Broadway on my old stud Leroy
                  D-E E                    A
And the girls say     save a horse, ride a cowboy
               D-E E                    A
Everybody says     save a horse, ride a cowboy

Well I don't give a dang about nothing, I'm singing and bling-blanging 
While the girls are drinking Long necks down
And I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy or my Chevrolet for your Escalade
Or your freak parade I'm the only John Wayne left in this town



I'm a thorough-bred, that's what she said in the back of my truck bed 
As I was gettin' buzzed on suds out on some back country road
We where flying, high fining, whine, having ourselves a big and rich time
And I was going, just about as far as she'd let me go
But her evaluation of my cowboy reputation 
Had me begging for salvation all night long
So I took her out giggin’ frogs, introduced her to my old bird dog
And sang her every Willie Nelson song I could think of and we made love


What? What?
Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy
Everybody says
Save a Horse Ride a cowboy

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
that's nice man... but is the intro the E-D slide?? i get confused with it...
-J-MR | 5/27/2004
Excellent job on the tab. Way to take the intiative and post it too.

One thing I find sounds good as well in this song is to play a G power chord,
instead of an E, after the D-E slide in the last two lines of the chorus.
-macneildrag | 5/31/2004
I thought it was funny that people who dislike this song soooo much
were even looking at the tab. I don't mind it so much. Besides, their
dancers are HOT!! ;O) Great job, maing...

-debeck | 6/2/2004
I agree that it's kind of a goofy song.
When you watch Big and Rich, you can see that they don't take
themslves too seriuosly, and I think country music is still safe. I
must admit though the song is a "guilty pleasure" of mine. Thanks for
the tab.

-DaveScott | 6/2/2004
larry, you're doing us all a great favor by doing these tabs and the
majority appreciates the effort. no matter what the song is. so

-srpettew | 6/3/2004
Great Song!....If this song dosent get ya up off your feet nothin
will ...either you get it or you dont....Awesome live performance on
the country music awards......Easy on the tabsters....last I checked
this was still an imperfect world lighten up ..and ...."SAVE A

-cecilcat | 6/3/2004
HAHAHA-- Thanks Larry, for all the work you do-- This song is NEW
country, not GOOD country

-okranchhand | 6/7/2004
hey, just to change the tune a little, I have recently chosen to buy
a new acoustic guitar and I have done some research on it but I can't
seem to find one that I could see myself buying within a reasonable
price range. I would appreciate some ideas on which acoustic would
be a good choice

-dwh1587 | 6/17/2004
ill give ya my opinion. Im takamine all the way. I play one...its
acoustic/electric, so it was a lil more expensive, but its awesome.
My grandad went with the bass player in my band to pick it out and
they said they played hundreds of guitars but that this one had the
best sound. It sounds great for my band which is bluegrass, and it
sounds awsome one any kinda of country. Watch cmt sometime...toby
plays takamine's....darryl worley does...garth even has his own model
of the takamine. They are great guitars...go to a store pick one up
and give it a try...if ya dont like it, then ya dont have to buy it.

-cntyotlw | 6/17/2004
can someone help me out what are the bar chords for e d and a thanks
-jgod | 6/23/2004
hey this song rocks but can some one tab out rollin by big and rich
-bigandricher90 | 6/23/2004
great work. nice job. you the man. I agree with you. it is hard
enough to tab the song but then to have someone jump all over the
little stuff does get tiring. These tabs are more then less aimed at
the masses so they can be played. a D or a D7??? who really cares to
nitpick. most of us derive whats feels right from each chord anyways!

-cntrypicker | 7/9/2004
hey dwh1587 go for a fender acoustic, or if you feel like spendin
some cash get a martin,personally, I play a samick, I am really
really happy with it, and it sounds excellent..

awesome tab too, i am really glad to see that someone out there
appreciates new GOOD country

-guitarsmark | 7/20/2004
Ok Acoustic electric guitar Play an Alverez befor you buy anything
then Play a Martin and samick make like 70% of acustic guitars so if
you buy anything besides a taylor alverez or martin buy a samick oh
yea with price being a problem it cuts out gibson and taylor

-stocldcwby | 7/23/2004
Guitarsamark - sorry - this isn't "good" country - it's what's wrong
with radio today - this whole Muzic Mafia thing is trash and will
ruin country music further than it ever has been. The good thing is I
don't listen to mainstream country anymore. I went and saw an artist
that SHOULD be on the radio last night - Dale Watson - if you ever
get a chance to see him, DO NOT MISS IT.

-lmofle | 7/24/2004
Thanks for the tab, I've been looking for it since it came out with
no luck! As far as the country or not country comments are concerned,
I think Hank Sr./Jr., G. Jones, The Hag, and certainly Jerry Reed
would be the first ones to say how classic in your face country this
song is!!!

-advantage | 7/24/2004
I very strongly dissagree with you
-dwh1587 | 7/31/2004
This is as far from GEORGE JONES as
you can get.
-WildCard76 | 8/3/2004
great tab, don't listen to the one's that complain, your doin' an
excellent job.

-alan.eltringham | 8/4/2004
hey dwh1587, if u want a good acoustic electric for a nice
price with a different sound then any other, go for ovation
celebrity i have one and i love it, also takamine is great for priceing too.
.. also this song is very much country, whether
people want it to be or not, merle haggard, david allen coe,
waylon jennings, they would all love this song because its stands out
it doesn't follow the rule book and thats what makes certain bands
great... just because it has a heavy guitar lead, and stronger sound
doesn't make it not country, just listen to the lyrics
-likwid | 8/6/2004
Nice try but you are wrong.
First of all its in drop D and its a D-E slide and a G-A slide.
The other thing is where are the banjo and guitar solo parts?
Those are the hard parts, thats what you need to put up!
-krc5505 | 8/6/2004
Listen to the Big n Rich CD, not just the radio and you'll never say
they ain't country again

-bigski14 | 8/19/2004
Re: Questions about intro, it sounds like open E and A chords with
emphasis on strings OTHER than tonic like this...

E= x00 x22
A= xx00 xx22, etc.

(krc5505's drop tuning theory explains why you cant hit the E & A)

And re: you little discussion, this is NOT country,
but I dont care. And yes Hank Jr. is how we ended up here...
Further, rap and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are why
guys like this dont even try to release these kinds of
records to so-called rock radio anymore... its a pop record and
there are songs on there that sound like everything
including Gene Autry and the Beatles.. I like it. but it ain't
-georgeb1954 | 8/19/2004
Hey... I think krc5505 is right about the
drop tuning... the intro is way too
low to be in the 5/7 fret range as specified
in the tab... but nobody is going to play
the banjo part... or use the drop tuning,
very much..
-georgeb1954 | 8/19/2004
-gtrfrk11 | 8/25/2004
If you're looking for a decent acoustic at a more than reasonable
price, go for a Yamaha. I've had one for 10 years. It was my first
acoustic and it still sounds as sweet as it did 10 years ago and
still holds a tune extremely well. The action is low enough that
learning is easy. Just my opinion. I also own an Ovation, a Gibson,
a Takamine and a Martin. Martin's the top of the list, Takamine a
close #2.

-jlockard1 | 8/30/2004
WHAT GUITAR TO BUY?....first of all, i would love to say thanks for
the chords to this song...THEIR AWESOME....but to the person asking
about a decent guitar...i second the takamine...i own a jasmine and
it's really beautiful soundin'...and best of all IT WAS ONLY
$ of luck, darlin!

-lilgeetar | 8/31/2004
Hi'yall. First off I love this song, finnaly
we have something we can dance too! Secondly
dont bag people for the music they like.
Last of all to the guy who cant decide which
acoustic to buy if you have a little extra
I strongly recommend takamine guitars. I
record with them, play them live and I cant
play anything else now that i have become
acusomted to how good they are. If would
like to ask me a bit more just email me at and I will be
happy to point out some great guitars for you. SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY!!!
-wrangler_man | 9/2/2004
Well I have to agree that this is a long
way from "true" country music. But thats
what they said about Shania Twain and
didn't that just ruin her whole career.

I don't think it paticularily great song
but it's outthere and I don't think it's
leaving soon. So get used to it or turn it
off when it comes on the radio. The sad but
true thing of it is, like it or not if
you're out there playing in bars your gonna
have to cover it.

Good acoustic guitars without breaking the
bank....Check out BC Rich guitars. Yeah
they are the guys that build those wild
electrics but they put out really decent
acoustics. If you can track down a used one
you'll be looking in the 400 or 500 dollar
range. I have one thats about 15 years old
and it is a very well balanced guitar that
can hold it's own against any Tak or Yammy
at any price. The weird thing about this
guitar is that it's the only one I own that
has perfect intonation without any
modifications. Even my Martin doesn't have
perfect intonation. I haven't tried any of
new acoustic models BC Rich has out but
they might be a good place to start. I'd
alos try a Simon Patrick although they will
be more pricey.

-Rondo Fondu | 9/8/2004
the way i do it on the intro is i tune to low d and use the top two
strings and it sounds jus like the intro.

-chikun | 9/12/2004
i think this kewl rocks the boat man
can neone tab out the song SAVED by them?
If you get it tabbed please tell me.
-lil_playa | 9/15/2004
Wow. Just read through all this garbage
and really can't believe some of you folks.
It is country, it ain't country, who cares, it's sellin'. How much you makin' off your
music? $100 a night every other weekend,
maybe tips, maybe just free beer and a place
to play? I like it, some folks don't. I
think Kid Rock is a Dog Turd, but I don't
argue with the fact that he's selling more
CD's than me. So, like mentioned above,
when Kid and Sheryl Crow (Lance Armstrong's
girlfriend) come on the radio, I punch the
next station. No big deal.

You want the best acoustic, test drive a
Martin, then buy a Taylor. Better yet, find
a used Taylor. Most acoustics mellow with
age and sound better about 10 years out.
-dwsanders | 9/18/2004
Good advice to the buyer from everyone
(you can see that everyone has different taste).
Just go and test drive all different kinds.
Listen to them and feel the action of the strings.
Find one with good tone and play.
You'll know it when you find it.
The most expensive guitar is not always the best.
Some of my favorite guitars weren't top end.
-vjromero | 9/20/2004
WHAT GUITAR TO BUY: heres the deal. martin is a tried and true
guitar, but there hasnt been much innovation going on, theyve been
the same guitar for 50 years now. takamine is what all the artists
play because takamine gives them to them for free. i have never
liked the sound of them and i think they are poorly made. i play an
ovation celebrity deluxe. theyre a grear gigging guitar, with good
electronics, but theyre no good for the true guitar tone, due to the
fiberglass composite back. i just bought a new taylor 312ce. taylor
is the best guitar on the market, unless you go to goodall or
larivee or froggy bottom. but those guitars wil cost you over 4000.
you can find a used taylor or even a new 300 series for under 1500.
this is what i would suggest. the wood is african mahogany, and the
sound is undescribable. be careful if you play a taylor though,
because you will fall in love with it and end up buying it. I
GUARANTEE IT!!! happy hunting.

plus, i love big and rich. people thought garth brooks was too
poppy, and he brought country music to people who didnt even like
country music. thats what B&R are doing, and i think its great. and
cowboy troy is awesome.
-kjdfein | 9/21/2004
What guitar to buy? I have a 15 year old Takamine acoustic-electric
that sounds better than it did the day I bought - and I've been
beating on it for all 15 years. Think I paid about $400 for it back
in 1989 so it's probably more now. If you get the urge to go
electric - get a Tele - nothing sounds better for country imho.

good luck and keep playing!
-jb1966 | 9/22/2004
I agree....takamine is my favorite..true sound
Im pretty sure the country stars can afford to play whatever they choose
You could probably get something better but for $500-$700 nothing beats it.
-dbrown234 | 9/23/2004
I hear all your points about old, new, what is, what isn't country.
If I recall "they"(music establishment) called Hank Sr/Jr, Johnny,
Waylon, Garth and Shania not "True" country. And it seems that all of
those artist have faired alright. Now I am not comparing Big and Rich
on the same level as those artist. However, the point is "True
Country Music" isn't decided on by you or me or "them" (music
establishment). It's decided on by the creators of the music, the
artist. There are as many opinions of what is true country is as
there are fans. So enjoy your version of "True Country" and I will
enjoy mine. But there is no need to tell an artist or a fan of that
artist that there music isn't real or true. That is just plain
OK off my soap box now,thaks for the tab, much love and keep playin

-adam5 | 9/25/2004
I recently bought a "Breedlove Atlas" acoustic/electric.
Best action I've ever used, and the sound is so pure.
Don't know much about Breedlove exept that some guys
left Taylor to start their own line. Couldn't ask for
a better guitar, but if anyone knows some history, put
it out there for me. Thanks
-alanmaierjr | 9/28/2004
you should defenitly bye a fender acoustic!! they r the best, i play
one myself and the sound is excellent and they have good pick-ups in
them to, but matons arn't bad either.

Big n rich rock!! there something different in country music, like a
bit of a change....everybody needs one of them once in a while 2.
Keep smilin'.

-katiebrooke | 10/1/2004
ok guys... heres where it stands... i collect guitars and as it is i
have over 20 of them now... everythign form home made to les paul
electrics.... the best by far ive ever heard and i own one ... is the
martin drednaught dc-16rgte its all mahogony wood and has the most
amazing tone of all guitars.... it truely is the best... the catch u
need about 1900 dollars to buy it... but its beautyful and affordable
( ass opposed to the 6-9 thousand dollar guitars) which to me sounds
the same as the one i got... theres my tips for u...

-Jam20036 | 10/2/2004
What Guitar To Buy: I have an Alvarez. They are normally thought of
as just strictly classical guitars but they still have that nice
twangy country sound

-thewesman | 10/9/2004
this song by big and ritch is the best song ever made so keep up the
great work your the best

-torontofireman | 10/10/2004
Try out a Peavey Tupelo acoustis/electric, I have both a Fender and a
Martin each 20 years old plus but the Peavey is a very good sounding
and easy on the fingers to play.

-Maddog | 10/21/2004
I think it sounds better if you do it all in barre chords
-Rodeoboy387 | 10/26/2004
that there is a lot of comments

-jediknight | 11/1/2004
What guitar??? I have owned Gibson, Fender, ibanez, Martin and Gretcsh.. My latest guitar is a Washburn EAdsl20....amazing sound, best electronics I hve ever heard . It's quilted maple and is beautiful!!! I'm sticking with washburn from here!!
-truecountry | 11/3/2004
Hey great choice of guitars! Another great guitar is a Blueridge and Breedloves.
-Cowboy+17 | 11/3/2004
this is just my two cents on my guitar. I was looking for an entry level nice guitar and went to the Guitar Center here in Memphis. Not knowing alot about the name brands mind you. I played dozens of them and I settled on a Taylor Big Baby. Its not the cheapest guitar, but not the most expensive and I can honestly say that it sounds wonderful. I have heard other, way more expensive guitars that sound better but not by much. I think its all on personal preference. I love my Taylor Guitar.
-Hermitjr | 11/15/2004
I don't know about acoustic/eletrics but seagull makes a good acoustic . They're owned by Godin and they make some eletric guitars as well.
-Chevy204 | 11/20/2004
I think big and rich are awesome, how boring would it be if music never changed and country sounded the same as it did 50 years ago, all styles of music change over time people, get over it. just cuz its different doesn't mean it isn't real.
-boazma | 12/13/2004
great tab, okay song, i'm 17 and i prefer hank williams, sr. and merle haggard over new country, but big & rich are talented guys. i own merle haggard's signature model fender telecaster, a gibson es-335, and a eric clapton signature fender stratocaster. as for acoustics i play an ibanez aw20ce acoustic electric and it sounds great and has an unbeatable price of 499.99$ for it's quality and sound. but if you're looking for something a little nicer i'd go for a takamine.
-bluesman04 | 12/18/2004
Anyone notice the banjo played very soft in the third verse? (the spoken/chanted verse)Sure sounds like the theme to James Bond, but I've never been known to have great ears.
-marc92 | 12/19/2004
I Own A Alvarez And Its Great I Reccomend Alvarez
-skipppy | 1/2/2005
I have an Epiphone acoustic and it rocks dude. But i would recomend a Takamine for country music
-guitarman723 | 1/2/2005
big and rich are the best i think. thanks for the tabs
-michaelmorie | 1/14/2005
Just one thing DID YOU SEE THE CHARTS Big & Rich are awesome. to all those who dont like them SAVE A HORSE RIDE UR MOTHER Big and rich are the best id play with them anyday. and if they arent country then why do all the other country artists love them as well. Hank does Jimmy does and i dare you to tell me there not country ......they started out the exact same way
Thank you and good night

-Lightening_2 | 2/22/2005
they're not country. not all of hank william's, jr's songs are country either! it's southern rock. hell, these days i could play some of my blues and southern rock songs and call them country. the only two country artists left that are still big are george strait and alan jackson. big & rich ain't got sh*t on willie, waylon, hank,sr, george jones, or merle haggard.
-bluesman04 | 3/9/2005
its up the person listening to the musci....not everybody is going to agree...thats music needs to change with the times...and it will no matter what any one person says
-lisah | 3/12/2005
A little country grammer here for you. In the verse where Big Kenny is talking, the line should be: "Flyin' high, fine as wine,..."
-DeweyWayne | 4/7/2005
Try out Dean guitars - amazing sound and much more affordable than Takamine or Martin.
-roddyreilly | 4/17/2005
no man its save a horse f*** a cowgirl
-liamvosman | 4/21/2005
yo dwh1587, hey im a martin kinda guy, ive got three of them. and they have great sounds. but personally, some people dont want to go for 1000-3000 dollar acoustics, so if u want a good soundin acoustic for a good price i'd say a Sonata or a Fender. Sonata's are like 300 to 500 dollars, but they're kinda low rated acoustics, well not low rated its just that not alot of people have them, but i like them. so thats my opinion. hope it works out for ya.
-guitarfreekBnB | 8/1/2005
Here's my advice on the guitar, don't settle. You'll regret it. Save your money and buy a really good guitar you can pass down to you kid one day. A Martin will sound awesome in about 10 years, but I really, really love a Taylor. The other guy was right don't play one unless you can afford it. So save your money until you can.
Oh yeah I hate B&R but I love these arguements. They are so pointless.
-Maleman | 11/22/2005
Guild G37 Sunburst. Started sounding real good when it was about fifteen years old. Sounds good at twenty-five now....
-jhwaters | 12/13/2005
love the song, love the tab, nice job. But this song isnt country and hopefully never will be
-KnoxGodoy3 | 12/25/2005
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