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Billy Currington - Walk A Little Straighter (Chord)
Album: Billy Currington (2003)
Submitter: palamin0 (154) on 5/3/03 21 comments
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Artist: Billy Currington 
Title: Walk a little straighter
released: April 2003
Chords by: palamin0 at

Billy Currington - Walk a little straighter

(Capo first fret)

Intro chords G - G/B - Cadd9


G                  G/B           Cadd9
I remember lookin up, to look up to him,
G                         G/B         Cadd9
And I remember most the time, he wasn't there,
       Em7              D               Cadd9
I'd be waiting at the door, when he got home at night,
      C                G                 D  Dsus/D         
He's pass me by to go pass out in his chair,     And I'd say,

(chorus 1)

G               Em7
Walk a little straighter daddy,
   Cadd9               D
You're swayin side to side,
G                       Em7
Your footsteps make me dizzy,
        Cadd9           D
And no matter how I'd try,
        Am7          G/B
I keep trippin and stumblin,
If you'd look down here you'd see,
               Am7       C     D
Walk a little straighter daddy,
                    G - G/B - Cadd9
You're leading me,

(Verse 2)

He stumbled in the gym, on graduation day,
And I couldn't help but feel, so ashamed,
And I wasn't suprised a bit, that he didn't stay.
He stumbled out before they called my name, And I thought,

(chorus 2)

Walk a little straighter daddy,
You're swayin side to side,
It's not just me who's whachin,
You caught everybody's eye,
And you're trippin and stumblin,
And even though I've turned eighteen,
Walk a little straighter daddy,
You're still leading me


The old man still like he always was,
But I, love him anyway
If I've learned one thing from him it's my,
          C              D
Kids will never have to say,

(chorus 1)

Walk a little straighter daddy,
You're swayin side to side,
Your footsteps make me dizzy,
And no matter how I'd try,
I keep trippin and stumblin,
If you'd look down here you'd see,
Walk a little straighter daddy,
You're leading me,
Walk a little straighter daddy,
You're leading me,
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Nice tab...Very nice song...

-ashley1484 | 5/11/2003
Great job on the tab. This has got to be one of the saddest songs I have ever heard, do you know who wrote it? Whoever it was, I wouldn't wanna be their daddy.
-ermapoop | 6/11/2003
billy wrote it...visit his site. he talks about it on a Wave file.
-jwky8918 | 6/19/2003
could someone tell me what Cadd9 is can email me at, tab it out or something? appreciate the help. God Bless
-AIC66 | 7/21/2003
Cadd9 = X32033

some play it as this as well:
Cadd9 = 032033
-palamin0 | 7/21/2003
OH, OK so its a C while adding a ninth basically, i was thinking augmented/deminished confused me, Thanks!!!
-AIC66 | 7/22/2003
Billy actually wrote this from his real life experience. I think it's so cool that he's got a major record deal because he's from my hometown. Go Billy! It's a great song! Thanks for the tab!
-SouthernDrawl | 7/24/2003
My God this is a good song!
-radfly | 7/24/2003
How do you play G/B?
-Asa High | 8/4/2003
020033 or 020003 (I think) :)
-Jonnyboy182 | 8/4/2003
Im glad someone got this song on here cause this song reminds me of my life almost exact even to him stumbling into the gym. Its just great, makes me tear up everytime.
-southrnthunder1 | 8/6/2003
Whats amazing is Billy wrote this when he was 12 years old. It's my dream to be where he is....but at 12 i was riding bikes and bein a kid, and he was writing hits. just blows my mind. awesome song
-jwky8918 | 8/11/2003
Two days ago I was in Louisville, KY at the national FFA convention and was fortunate enough to see Billy perform. He sounds just as good live as on the CD. Great song.
-duck1706 | 11/1/2003
Billy put is heart and soul into this song this is the type of artist i wish to be some day thanks billy

Kyle Coslow OKC,OK
-killian | 12/6/2003
I first heard this song when I went
down to toronto with my bf, who plays guitar
for Jeff Cato who is becoming quite popular and
has recoreded his first song which he wrote
himself not to long ago It's called "Take it away"
hopefully you might here of him soon. go Jeff,
and I love this song.!!!!!!!!!yippe

-Anderson | 3/26/2004
hey, can anyone help me find free
piano music for this song? I want to learn
both parts. if you could, send me a message
please and thank you

-Anderson | 3/27/2004
What an emotional song, bless you dad.

Also, I just wanted to comment on the phrase that he wrote this when he was 12..I do not think that he could have wrote this at that age as he mentions graduating and "even though im 18" and whatnot.
-AustinW | 9/11/2004
hey i really love this song and it would be awsome if someone tabed out the guitar part

-ZIon | 9/19/2004
just fyi, i think the song's in A-flat, not that it really matters
-dixiebob | 1/20/2005
the Chords being in "G" and (Capo first fret) does make that a "Ab" so instead of playing sharps and flats capo on first fret allows you to play major chords and still be in the same key....
-palamin0 | 1/21/2005
-DaltonReese | 4/11/2011
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