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Billy Joe Shaver - Leavin' Amarillo (Chord)
Album: The Earth Rolls On (2001)
Submitter: lmofle (425) on 11/18/04
Month Views: 17 | Total Views: 5,504
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Leavin' Amarillo
By Billy Joe Shaver
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

    D                            A                         D
Sometimes I want to hug her, sometimes I want to wring her neck
    D                              A                 D
She wants to be a big star but she can't even sing a lick
She's got an ass about thirteen axe handles wide
And to stay here with her would be suicide
       D                 A                     D 
So I'm leavin' Amariller, I ain't coming back again

      G                            D
Screw you, You ain't worth passing through
    G                       A                   
Hey hey, You don't route anyway, what more can I say? 

I'm down at the station just trying to buy some gasoline
I'm leaving Amariller and I ain't coming back again 
You can't buy beer here at the grocery store
But I won't have to worry about that no more
'Cause I'm leavin' Amariller, I ain't coming back again. 


There's a whole bunch of cookie-cutters waiting up in Tennessee
They make stars everyday and one of them could be me
I may buy me a hat and learn to sing through my nose
I may even buy some sequined clothes
But I'm leavin' Amariller, I ain't coming back again


(Spoken)  - I’m gonna say somethin’ else…
Every doggone check I got from a club in Amariller bounced 
like a doggone basketball. If you think I'm going back there 
to get them checks straightened out you got another think coming. 
I ain't ever going through Amariller again 'cause I just don't 
particularly like it. 
Worse than that is Lubbock. 
Lubbock's got some good folks in it, but they all dead. 
That's it; I'm through with Amariller. 

Aw, I might come back if I have to. 
Probably get lynched... 
They ain't got no trees out there, though!
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