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Blackhawk - Brothers Of The Southland (Chord)
Album: Spirit Dancer (2002)
Submitter: falgorn (1) on 6/17/09
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Artist: BlackHawk
Song: Brothers of the Southland
Album: Spirit Dancer

Capo 3

Bm-A-G-A-Bm-A-G x2

Verse 1:
(D)From the (Gadd9)hills they came
(D)From backwoods (G)without a name
(Bm)Carryin' the (G)guitars and a (Em)heart full of southern (A)soul
Down the (D)dusty roads of (Gadd9)Caroline
(D)The Tucker boys were (G)friends of mine
(Bm)They echoed through the (G)lonely pines (Gadd9)runnin' (A)down the (D)road

And the (A)day the (Bm)Caldwells died
(G)Before the rugged (D)cross we cried
A (A)voice from (Bm)deep inside said you (G)gotta carry (A)on and on and…

(D)We are (G)brothers of the (D)southland
(G)Singers in the (Bm)same band
(G)Spirits on the (A)wind
(D)Standin' (G)on this stage to(D)gether
A (G)song goes on for(Bm)ever
We're (G)part of heaven's (A)plan
We're brothers of the (Bm)south(A)(G)land
(A)Brother's of the (Bm)south(A)(G)land

Verse 2: 
Tattered old revival tent
Ragged voices heaven sent
Singin' hallelujah and dancin' in the isles
Ronnie was a bare-foot child
An angel's voice and a devil's smile
We only had him for a little while but the world still sings his song

Pre-Chorus 2:
And the day the freebird died
Before the rugged cross we cried
The gray ghost he'd ride said you gotta carry on, and on and…

(A)Brothers of the south(D)land

Solo: D-G-D-G-Bm-G-A-D

Pre-chorus 3:
And the (A)day Dwayne (Bm)Allman died
(G)With Barry Oakley (D)by his side
They (A)took one last (Bm)midnight (G)ri(A)de

Chorus 2:
Oh, we are brothers of the southland
Singers in the same band
Spirits on the wind
Standin' on this stage together 
A bridge across forever 
We're part of heaven's plan
We're brothers of the southland
(A)Brothers of the (Bm)south(A)(G)land
(A)Brothers of the (Bm)south(A)(G)land
(A)Brothers of the south(D)land

D-G x3 end on D
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