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Blake Shelton - Draggin' The River (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (200) on 8/13/10 1 comment
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Draggin' the River
Written by Jim Beavers & Chris Stapleton
Recorded by Blake Shelton (Feat. Miranda Lambert)
Album: All About Tonight (2010)

Intro.:  | (E)  | (A)  | (B)  | (E)  | x 3
         | (E)  | (A)  | (B)  | (B)  |

(Blake Shelton)
(E) Hey, baby I (A)just asked your daddy, if (B)I could take your (E)hand
He said, "Boy, over (A)my dead body," guess I (B)ain't his kinda (E)man

(Miranda Lambert)
But, (E)I love you and (A)you love me, so (B)baby, I gotta (E)plan
We'll push my truck off a (A)Red Top Bridge, (B)right below the Jackson Dam

Hey, (E)they'll be (A)draggin' the river, catchin' (B)nothin' but an ol' cat-(E)fish
They'll be (A)draggin' the river, that'll (B)show that son of a (E)b***h

Inst.:  | (E)  | (A)  | (B)  | (E)  | (E)  | (A)  | (B)  | (B)  |

(E) It's been rainin' for the (A)last two weeks, so the (B)water's up good and (E)high
We'll just wait 'til it's (A)good n' late, so there (B)ain't nobody passin' (E)by

(E)I'll call my cousin, (A)he'll pick us up an', (B)take us to the Greyhound (E)Bus
We'll be standin' in (A)front a that preacher by the (B)time they're lookin' for us

And, (E)they'll be (A)draggin' the river, but, they (B)ain't gonna find a (E)thing
They'll be (A)draggin' the river, I'll be (B)wearin' me a diamond (E)ring, oh yeah

Inst.:  | (E) | (A) | (B) | (E) | (E) | (A) | (B) | (B) Ah, | (B)we're gonna show 'em | (B) |

(E) I know that it (A)might sound crazy, just a (B)little bit too ex-(E)treme
But to get somma (A)your sweet lovin', baby, (B)I'd do any-(E)thing

(E)Sooner or later, (A)they'll find my letter, (B)sayin' that we're al-(E)right
We'll be rockin' at the (A)Red Roof Inn, (B)this time tomorrow night

And, (E)they'll be (A)draggin' the river, sayin', "(B)Lord, what a cryin' (E)shame"
They'll be (A)draggin' the river, (B)we'll be runnin', they'll never see it comin'

(E)They'll be (A)draggin' the river (B) (E)
They'll be (A)draggin' the river (B) but, they ain't gonna find a thing

Outro.:  | (E) | (A) | (B) | (E) | (E) | (A) | (B) | (B) |
         | (E) | (A) "Sorry about callin' your (B)dad a (E)son of a b***h, earlier |
         | (E) | (A) Hey, do you think he'll still hire me?" | (B) | (B) |
         | (E) ----- "Whoa, that thing's little, the diamond I mean"
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Thanks for the chords. Can someone please tab the intro lick? I can't seem to get it.
-jlj2018 | 11/23/2010
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