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Blake Shelton - It Ain't Easy Bein' Me (Chord)
Album: More Pure BS (2008)
Submitter: WildCard76 (113) on 5/28/07
Month Views: 50 | Total Views: 19,143
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Blake Shelton
Album: Pure BS
2007, WB Records
Written by Chris Knight
Submitted by: Christopher R.
1:21 AM 5/28/2007

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (G) (G) (Em) (D) (C) 

(G) There ought to be a town somewhere
(Em) Named for (D) how I (C) feel
(G) Yeah I could be the mayor down there
And say (Em) Welcome To (D) Sorry(C)ville
(G) It wouldn''t be on a map no where
You might (Em) say that it (D) don''t ex(C)ist
(A) But if you make enough (Asus4) wrong turns
(C) It''d be hard to (D) miss

There ought to a bridge somewhere they could dedicate to me
I''d probably come to the ceremony with a can of gasoline
Walk on over to the other side 
Where I''d light a match
Sit and stare through the smoke and flames and wonder how I''m gonna get back

 (C) Why do I do the (C/B) things I do?
 Was I (Am) born this way - am I (C/B) self made fool?
 (C) I shoot the lights and I (C/B) curse the dark
 I (Am) need your love but I (C/B) break your heart
 And I (C) know the words that''ll (C/B) bring you back but
 But I (Am) don''t say nothing as I (C/B) watch you pack
 (C) I had to work to become the jerk I''ve come to (A) be
 (C/B) (C) It ain''t (D) easy being (G) me

There oughta be a side show act
For freaks like me
I could be the star of the show with my name on the marquee
In a room with a big red button that says ?danger do not touch''
Twice a day I''d mash it down and you can watch me self-destruct

Repeat Chorus

 (C/B) (C) No, it ain''t (D) easy being (G) me  
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