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Blake Shelton - Just South Of Heaven (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (390) on 10/9/14
Month Views: 25 | Total Views: 9,144
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Just South Of Heaven
Written by Craig Wiseman & Derek George
Recorded by Blake Shelton
Album: Bringing Back The Sunshine (2014)

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G)(D/F#)|(Em)(C)| x 2

(G) I never liked the (D/F#)taste of whiskey (Em) 'til I kissed (C)it off of her lips
(G) Never knew (D/F#)just what was hitting me, (Em)getting me tip-(C)sy
But there I sit, (G) Levi's (D/F#)on a dogwood branch, (Em) yeah, (C)she was taking me under
(G) I might have lost (D/F#)my innocence, (Em) but she was saving (C)my soul that summer

(G) I don't know much a-(D)bout eternity or where some-(Em)body like me's (C)gonna wind up going
(G) All I know is (D)that I have already been, (Em)parked in a Chevy (C)by the deep river rolling
(G) And that summer (D)night, shooting star paradise, (Em)might be all that (C)I'm getting
(G)Kissing and sipping (D)that seven-oh-seven, (C) --- somewhere just south of heaven

Solo:  |(G)(D/F#)|(Em)(C)| x 2

(G) She might have been a (D/F#)falling angel, (Em) nah, I (C)didn't care at all
(G) I never thought a (D/F#) prayer could be answered (Em) with a whis-(C)pered, sweet southern drawl
(G) Even now (D/F#)when I close my eyes, (Em) I see her silhou-(C)ette dance on the river
(G) The way we spent (D/F#)those endless nights (Em) that's the way (C)I could spend forever

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(G)(D/F#)|(Em)(C)| x 2

(G) Somewhere just beyond the (D)Jericho line, (C)little white church, roll back through the pines
(G)Down where the three cross (D)river unwinds, if there's a (C)heaven on Earth, man that'd be mine ---

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(G)(D/F#) Oh |(Em) yeah, (C)just south of heaven, |(G)(D/F#|(Em) hmm (C)|

(G) Somewhere just be-(D/F#)yond the Jericho line, (Em)little white church, (C)roll back through the pines
(G)Down where the three (D/F#)cross river unwinds, if there's a (Em)heaven on Earth, (C)man that'd be (G) mine
(D/F#) Yeah, (Em) (C) that'd be (G)mine (D/F#)
Oh, (Em) just a little (C)bit south of heaven (G) (D/F#) (Em) (C) (G) (D/F#) (Em) (C) -----
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