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Bleu Edmondson - The Future Ain't What It Use To Be (Chord)
Album: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (2010)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2) on 11/1/11
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 6,635
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The Future Ain't What It Use To Be
Written by Dwight Baker & Bleu Stewart Edmondson
Recorded by Bleu Edmondson

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(Bm)(A/C#)|(D)  |(Bm)(A/C#)|(D)

She had a (Bm)smile that would make you put your (A)faith in the Lord (D)
She was the (Bm)unspoken truth I was (A)lookin' for (D) (G)
I was a (Bm)bitter-hearted twister, (A) I was a refugee (D)
Just a (G)scared little boy (A)lost at sea (D)

She said she (Bm)kissed my lips and (A)she just knew (D)
And in her (Bm)sunset eyes I (A)saw it too (D) (G)
But this (Bm)world has a way of (A)breaking you down (D)
'Til the (G)fire that burned now (A)can't be found (D)

I guess (G)no one really knows the (A)price that's paid (D)
And there (G)ain't no heart that (A)goes scot-free (D)
I (G)hear the bells ringing (A)from far away (D) (F#m/C#) (Bm) (A)
And the (G)future ain't what it (A)used to be

Inst.:  |(Bm)(A)|(D)  |(Bm)(A)|(D)

(Bm)When it turned to dust, I (A)cannot (A/C#) say (D)
I guess she (Bm)lost her faith when I (A)lost my (A/E) way (D)
Though I (Bm)loved her more than I (A)dreamed I (A/C#) could (D)
A (G)coward now stands where a (A)hero stood (D)

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  |(Bm)(A)|(D)  |(Bm)(A)|(D)  |
        |(G)(A)|(D)(F#m/C#)(Bm)(A)|(G)(A)|(D)  |(D)

From the (Bm)outstretched hand that (A)I denied (D)
To the (Bm)anguished tears that (A)sunset cried (D) (G)
From the (Bm)hurt in the dark, (A) the fear and the doubt (D)
She couldn't (G)give anymore, her (A)love (A/C#)ran (A/G) (A/E)out (D) -----
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