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Blue Rodeo - Better Off As We Are (Chord)
Submitter: musicmixstudio (4) on 10/1/08
Month Views: 14 | Total Views: 2,760
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Intro:   Em  C  G  D   x4 

Em       C                 G                     D 
We sat around at night and talked about so many things 
Em            C        G               D 
  Lay on the floor till the morning appeared 
Em             C       G                D 
You laughed at me and said I just don't get it 
Em                    C                 G              D 
You said we should be making plans for getting out of here 
Em    C     G    D    Em   C     G    D 
uh huh… 

  Em       C          G             D 
Somebody told me when I was just a little kid 
Em            C           G             D 
Don't follow leaders just think for yourself 
    Em         C          G           D 
But everybody minds everybody else's business here 
  Em           C                  G        D 
Why can't they turn their eyes to somebody else 
Em    C     G    D    Em   C     G    D 
uh huh…               oh oh ohh… 

Refrão -------------
Tell me no use thinking 
F        C       G 
We could ever be something 
F        C             G 
We could rise with the stars 
F      C         D 
Better off as we are 

My older brother he left the day he finished school 
Moved down to New York to Washington Square 
He calls me up and says you should come and see me 
Watch the waves of people rolling everywhere 
uh huh…          oh oh ohh… 


Late in the evening I'm up in my room 
Trying to think of nothing clear away the day 
I lie awake and let my body wander 
Up into the moonlight floating away 
uh huh…          oh oh ohh… 

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