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Blue Rodeo - Girl Of Mine (Chord)
Submitter: musicmixstudio (6) on 9/26/08
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 2,432
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C 	 G
Girl of Mine
C 	 G 	 C
Where did we go wrong
C 	  	  	 G
You never once said you loved me
 	 C 	  	 G
And you never once called my name
          Am    D
And now I, I can see the way
My memories like cigarettes
Blow smoke upon the screen
    Em 	     	 Bm
I stare up to the empty face
 	 C 	        D
That hangs inside my dreams
 	 G 	         D
In the words of love I hesitate
         Em 	         Em7 	 C       D
They all come rushing into me too late, too late

C 	 G
Days and nights
C 	     G 	      C
Wondering what could it be
C    	  	 G
Did you need somebody stronger
C 	  	      G 	        Am
Someone to see you through, oh girl
I never knew
Now your lipstick and  your powder
They^?re all put away in drawers
 	 Em 	  	 Bm
But the traces of our love affair
        C 	  	       D
Still hide behind the doors
G 	           D
I lie awake, afraid to sleep
 	     Em   	           Em7 	        C
^?Cause I^?ll see the face I knew I^?d never keep
I^?d never keep

 	      C    G
Too much to bear
 	        Am 	 Em
Too much, I fall down drunk
Too much I care

(Solo same as verses)

C 	 G
Tell me now
C 	  	 G 	  	  	 C
Do the words of love still seem the same to you
C 	  	  	 G
Now we learned the angry lesson
C 	  	  	 G
And we still come back for more
Am 	  	  	   D
Forget somehow, what came before
My senses have been shocked
And I^?m alive to every pain
 	 Em 	  	   Bm
Your quiet laughter comes to me
       C 	  	 D
It echoes in the rain
 	 G 	  	   D
In the darkness of my lonely room
     Em   	  	        Em7 	 C
I pray that you won^?t fade away too soon
Too soon

 	       C  G
Too much to bear
 	  	 Am    Em
Too much, I fall down drunk
 	      C 	 G
Too much I care

Transcribed by Mark Bayfield  (mbayfi at  (Hi Tigger!)

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