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Blue Rodeo - This Town (Chord)
Submitter: musicmixstudio (6) on 9/26/08
Month Views: 7 | Total Views: 4,473
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(Arranged for guitar)
G, Bm, G, Bm

Verse 1:
G                                        Bm
Walking through these empty streets this town is dead
G                          Bm
Rain is coming harder now upon your head
You can't get far enough away
Cm                      (Bb)-Cm/A
What's it matter anyway 
You never win 

Verse 2:
     G                            Bm
They handed you a map to show you where to go
G                                Bm
Gave you everything but what you need to know
You know your friends enough to say
Cm                          (Bb)-Cm/A
Where they'll be on any day
Come what may 

Chorus 1:
   G        Bm
Surprise surprise 
    Em             D
The morning sun is in your eyes
C                 G/B
Get up throw that life away
Am           D
Yesterday is yesterday 
    G         Bm
And lies they lied
              Em             D
They said you get what you deserve in life
    C                   G/B         
But that's just not the way it seems 
    Am            D              C
You end up living someone else's dreams
It's true 
   Am      B7   Em-EbAug-G/D-Db*-C5
It follows you around 

You don't have to love this town 

G-Bm, Em-D, C-G/B, Am-D
G-Bm, Em-D, C-G/B, Am-D

Verse 3:
G                                    Bm
Friday night beneath the bridge just one more time
    G                                    Bm
You wish that you could leave this dirty town behind
There never seems to be a way
Cm                      (Bb)-Cm/A
Hold on for another day
         D    D
You will find 

Chorus 2:
   G        Bm
Surprise surprise
    Em                 D
The sun that hits your lonely eyes
   C               G/B
It wipes out every other day
Am           D
Yesterday is yesterday
    G         Bm
And lies they lied
     Em             D
It's not what you deserve 
              C               G/B
It's what you try and try and try again 
Am               D              C
Failing's just a step along the way
It's true 
        Am     Bm       C
There's no one here for you 
   D        Am       Bm       C
In time you wait and you will find
    D        Am    B7      Em-EbAug-G/D-Db*-C5
The ones who never let you down
You don't have to love this town

G, Bm, G, Bm, C, Cm, end on G

Cm/A  G/B  B7   Em-EbAug-G/D-Db*-C5
 -X-  -X-  -2-  -----------------------------------------  
 -4-  -3-  -0-  -----0--------0--------0-----------------
 -5-  -0-  -2-  ---0--------0--------0----------------5--
 -5-  -0-  -1-  -2-----2--1-----1--0-----0------------5--
 -X-  -2-  -2-  ----------------------------4---------3--
 -5-  -0-  -X-  -----------------------------------------

Source:Ryan Robson (thunderman99 at & Rob Penfold (robpenfold34 at
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