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Bobby Pinson - Don't Ask Me How I Know (Tab)
Album: Man Like Me (2005)
Submitter: rvacher (2) on 3/3/05 35 comments
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 9,707
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Intro-see below  Drop D if you want to

Donít ride your bike off a ramp thatís more than three bricks high
Donít take that candy from the store if you ainít got the dime
Donít pick a fight with a little guy that doesnít talk that much
Donít pick up a cherrybomb thinkiní itís a dud
And donít sneak out of a 2 story house usiní bed sheets as a rope
Donít ask me how I know

D                                G                        D                     G
Sell your truck while itís still runniní, save the Jesus off the dash
D                       G                                  A
Say a prayer when you feel like cussiní, save your money pay with cash
G                          D                      G                   D
Forget your pride, buy the roses, if youíre sorry tell her so
Bm                   A                   G
Donít drink the water in Mexico
Bm     Ahold                 D      (intro lick here after 1st time)
Donít ask me how I know
2nd time to solo

Donít quit your high school football team halfway through the season
Donít bust your buddy in the nose when you know he didnít mean it
Donít lose a girl you love at home for a night in Panama City
Donít rush off the phone when your Mama calls you ainít that busy
Ya oughta make that drive to say goodbye to your grampa Ďfore he goes
Donít ask me how I know


Guitar solo  d g d g d g a   PLAY SOLO IN Bm pent and think Allman Bros
G                          D                     G                   D
Forget your pride buy the roses, if you love her tell her so,
Bm             A                                G
Donít go to Vegas with your heart broke, 

Bm             A                                G
Donít bum your cousin for that first smoke
Bm             A                                G
I'm tellin' ya, don't drink the water in Mexico
Bm XX A  XX         D   intro lick here
Don't ask me how I know
D                                    intro lick here
Don't ask me how I know
D                                    intro lick here
I just know
D                                     intro lick here
sell your truck while it's still runnin',  say a prayer when you feel like cussin'
D                                    intro lick here
I know, 

And fade

 4XíS                              5th time  

try this too

This is a great country song and I hope it get's more traction than the fake 
country songs like Live like you're not dyin' and Back when
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
great job man! Thanks alot for posting this song on here. I love this song! They just started playing it here in Atlanta a few weeks ago and i love it! Thanks again
-Hank05 | 3/4/2005
i've been looking everywhere for the lyrics and chords. thank you so much....i love this song!!!!!!!
-lilgeetar | 3/7/2005
Nice job on getting this up man. I'm sure since this is a "real" country song radio won't play it, but it really hits home to me.
-bcarr527 | 3/16/2005
Thank you for the comments. I heard this song on Tuesday Mar 1st and posted it the next day. On Sat Mar 5th it debuted at #40 on the Billboard Top 40. Mar 12th it went up to #37, and today Mar 19 it was the fastest mover of the week at #32. There were 2 songs written by Bobby in the Top 40 this week. I hope this guy goes all the way.
-rvacher | 3/19/2005
I agree. Radio will play a rap group
like Big & Rich, but won't play a
COUNTRY song like this. It's a damned
-WildCard76 | 3/21/2005
I listened to GAC Top 40 today and this song went up to #29. It's on the way to #1.
-rvacher | 3/26/2005
this guy is like a one hit wonder don't go shootin down tim mcgraw. He is one of the greatist country singers there is. Show some respect for the men who worked their way to the top.
-dustinM. | 3/29/2005
April 2, up 2 to # 27
-rvacher | 4/3/2005
I guess I'm the lucky one, because my Radio Station Plays this song about 6 times a day at least. And Tim can go with his Refried Dreams.
-BigSax | 4/5/2005
I haven't seen any comments on the chords yet...mostly radio politics banter...but regarding the tab...the verse chords seem to be quite a bit off.
-redneck4ever | 4/6/2005
Zat right? Seems to work the 3 nights a wek I play it somewheres in the Reno club area. We've been playin' it since it hit the charts and never got any complaints, but why don't you just correct it for us all then and we'll do it your way.
-rvacher | 4/8/2005
This song is awsome...If it doesn't touch you .. well man you don't have a soul... and Tim Mcgraw isn't even close to one of the best contry singers ever....not even top 10, he can't even write his own songs.. yeah he might have a good voice but if you were a real country music fan or even knowlegable of country music in general, you wouldn't dare compare him to a artist like george strait or a voice like keith whitley....learn your stuff man .. then post ....right on whoever posted this song....we think alike.....
-bretskie27 | 4/14/2005
great job on tab man, this song is just awesome :D
-carsnguitars | 4/14/2005
If you dont think Tim Mcgraw is one of the best country SINGERS around, i dont know where you have been for the past decade. And when was the last time George Strait wrote a song? He never has, but that doesnt make him a bad artist, does it? By the way...great tab.
-jdrtexastech | 5/3/2005
now how about roger craiger

-cuatro4 | 5/3/2005
usually it's not the artists that get the biggest. tim and george have had many many number ones but can't write a lick. bobby pinson is a talented musician and deserves more credit. just because you are talented doesn't ensure's kind of a shame...but this is a great song by a great musician.
-ermapoop | 5/8/2005
I just can't figure out if Tim thinks he's a real tuff man or some guy who's cryin all the time. Maybe he should be some rap guy. I agree, I believe a country artist should be true. tanlented, and know who they are. Don't ask me how I know.
-jeremiah_downin | 5/10/2005
"Save the Jesus off the dash" ???

are you sure those are the correct lyrics?

doesn't make any sense to me.
-xdrewx | 5/12/2005
Yes, as in " save the Jesus off the dashboard when you sell your truck"
-rvacher | 5/13/2005
whoever says that big and rich shouldnt be on the radio should be kicked in the ass..they are true musicians so lick my balls
-cody2345 | 5/15/2005
This is definitely one of the best songs out there right now. Great tab.
And for my two-cents worth...Big & Rich are awesome, so's Tim McGraw...
just 'cause an artist doesn't write their own material doesn't make 'em
any less of a singer. And by God, Bobby Pinson can write and sing his
heart out. Here's to a long and sucessful career!
-twizzle05 | 5/21/2005
so is Cowboy Troy a true musician too? that musik mafia thing is such a joke!!!
-lumpyokc | 5/27/2005
i agree 100% on the music mafia thing and tim mcgraw is a fantastic singer SINGER!!! great tab
-urban109 | 5/29/2005
thank you for tabbing this out! do you think you could do a few more of the songs off his cd? the entire thing is fantastic... mainly one more believer id really like those chords... thanks!
-hanson_fan123 | 5/31/2005
This song was at #21 on May 29. What is the Jesus on the dashboard? Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson are REAL country singers.
-pollofrito | 5/31/2005
"Jesus on the dashboard" is what some people do. They put a statue of
Jesus on the dashboard to protect them when they drive.

-lmofle | 6/2/2005
Help. I admit I am still somewhat of a bonehead when it comes to playing tabs, But I cannot make the Intro Tab that is written here sound anything like the song. Can someone please help me on this? Thanks! PCK
-Philkaz | 6/4/2005
Love the song, can't wait to play the tab,
great job and i wish people wouldn't
debate about all this junk like whether the
song tim is good or not. this isn't the
place. this comment list was ment to say
wether the song is good or not and
compliment the guy who tabed it. just a
thought for some of you people who haven't
grown up.
-burkina | 6/10/2005
Awesome song. Thanks for posting. And for all the talk about artists good or bad. Well they are on the radio for a reason. You don't have to like every singer out there, but if you like music you should at least respect them. Muzik Mafia, Tim, they all offer something different, and I will keep listening because I just love music!
-bergie | 6/13/2005
Just played this tab along with the music video
sounds great rated it a 10 and don't get me started on the music mafia... cowboy troy is anything but country and anything but a cowboy he's the only guy i have a real problem with big & rich have some good songs but they don't all fall under the catagory of country either thats all i'm gonna say
-AcousticCowboy1 | 6/16/2005
Hey Man Good Tab!! But For My Two Cents I Think Any Country Singer Is A Musicsain There Makein It And It Depends on The Style Country You Like So Dont Rag On Some one Just Beacuse You Dont Like Them Just Think There Better Then You If There On The Radio
-HuntinBoy89 | 6/28/2005
-rvacher | 6/28/2005
Don't rag on people for posting their personal opinions either...I agree with everyone else about the rap-posing-as-country scene. Great job with the tab, by the way.
-baylorpgfan | 7/7/2005
Great tab. Its sad that it took so long to get some Penson on here. He has been around for a long time now. And no he is not a one hit wonder, he has had a lot of hits in the Texas country music scene. Listen to Boland or Cross Canadian or Shane Rogers and you will hear a lot of Penson's stuff. He has mainly been in the song writing business until recently. Thanks again for the great tab.
-RyanMS | 7/13/2005
I really like this song, but i cant seem to find the strumming pattern. Can somebody help me out. Thanks :)

-recker_sa | 7/14/2005
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