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Bobby Pinson - Time Well Spent (Chord)
Album: Man Like Me (2005)
Submitter: twizzle05 (11) on 8/7/05 1 comment
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Time Well Spent
written by Bobby Pinson, Kris Bergsnes, and Jim McCormick
from the album "Man Like Me"
tabbed 8/7/05
NOTE: I'm not 100% sure about this, but it sounds close.   Comments/corrections welcome.
Also, due to space restrictions, I couldn't align it so that the rhyme scheme fits every
line.   Thus, follow the chords, not the lines (sorry).

INTRO: D  Dsus2  D  Dsus2  Dsus4-Dsus4 (2x)


       D  Dsus2  D  Dsus2  Dsus4-Dsus4 (2x)

      D       Dsus2        D          Dsus2           INTRO
That '73 Montecarlo had a carload of Schlitz and innocence
D              Dsus2             D       Dsus2              INTRO
Half a pack of Daddy's cigarettes and a cassette of Jimmy Hendrix
     G                                  G/B
We parked beside the railroad tracks, kicked back and wondered what life would be like
        D             Dsus2  D  Dsus2  Dsus4-Dsus4
If we were presidents
          G         G/B         A     N/C        D
And let another day fade away wastin' time well spent

A million miles of dirt road dust, learnin' love and lovin' lust
  D                                                          Dsus2
Tastin' life as it came to us on a dead-end road that had no end
Wishin' we could make time fly, not knowin' it was flyin' by
D                                             A
While we were makin' plans that didn't make sense
         D            Dsus2           G           D
Wastin' time, wastin' time, wastin' time well spent


D                 Dsus2     D            Dsus2          INTRO
She matched my Tuxedo to a "T" in those pictures on my floor
     D             Dsus2               D                        Dsus2     
And as I stared at me I could finally see what she saw when she said she coudln't
 D            INTRO
See me anymore
      G                                  G/B
I'll never forget the night we parked on prom night right on the side of a road
D               Dsus2  D  Dsus2  Dsus4-Dsus4
We'd never been
         G          G/B           A           D
And let another day fade away wastin' time well spent



Bittersweet what might have been
Comes to mind now and then
Makes me wanna go back again
D                D                    G                 D
Waste some time, waste some time, waste some time well spent

(Ad-lib out over INTRO chords) 
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This song previously was done by Blue County... the tab on that song shows the intro riff in tab form and it is a very good tab if ya wanna look at that one too.
-mrmariner7484 | 9/20/2005
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