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Brad Paisley - Alcohol (Chord)
Album: TIme Well Wasted (2005)
Submitter: lmofle (335) on 5/4/05 47 comments
Month Views: 39 | Total Views: 86,386
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By Brad Paisley
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Bradís newest single..

Capo 2

A                  D
I can make anybody pretty 
      A                    D
I can make you believe any lie 
      A               A/G#       F#m     A          E
I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size 
     A                              D
Well Iíve been known to cause a few breakups  
    A                              D
And Iíve been known to cause a few births 
      A            A/G#   F#m          A          E  
I can make you new friends   or get you fired from work  

Chorus 1: 
              A             D
And since the day I left Milwaukee 
A                       D
Lynchburg and Bordeaux, France 
     A          A/G# F#m        A     Bm                       E
Been making the bars lots of big money and helping white people dance 
  A                     D
I got you in trouble in high school 
    A                      D
But college now that was a ball 
        D           D/C#              D/B      D/A        E
You had some of the best times youíll never remember with me 
    A      D        A        D
Alcoho-o-o-o-l, Alcoho-o-o-o-o-l 

I got blamed at your wedding reception 
For your best manís embarrassing speech 
And also for those naked pictures of you at the beach 
Iíve influenced kings and world leaders 
I helped Hemingway write like he did 
And Iíll bet you a drink or two that I can make you put that lampshade on your head 
Chorus 2: 
ĎCause since the day I left Milwaukee 
Lynchburg and Bordeaux, France 
Been making a fool out of folks just like you and helping white people dance 
I am medicine and I am poison 
I can help you up or make you fall
You had some of the best times youíll never remember with me  

Chorus 1
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
perfect tab
-denalitwinkie2s | 5/4/2005
-lmofle | 5/4/2005
thanks man for doing this
-mooman2679 | 5/4/2005
I haven't heard this one yet. Pretty funny!
-logansams | 5/4/2005
thanks for being so quick with the tab, great song! I wish it would start getting a little more airtime
-rtownleyutk | 5/4/2005
I haven't heard this song yet either but it looks pretty good
-sweethomealabam | 5/4/2005
Dude, awesome tab!!! thanks for gettin it so quick!!

I love this song!!! lmao
-rivercounty | 5/5/2005
Great Song, Great Tab! Thanks!

Brad Rules!
-Chandler824 | 5/5/2005
where did you hear this at?
-tonyjay87 | 5/8/2005
Bad ass man I love this song
-goosehollow5 | 5/11/2005
Ready to Drink
-Gopher1110 | 5/12/2005
I heard it for the first time today. It
debuted at #40 on the ACC country countdown.
Great song, Great tab.
-ty2 | 5/22/2005
This song is kickin.
-auntiekramer | 5/25/2005
Great song by Brad! It's pretty cool how he's changing it up a little bit by throwing a song written in 3/4 in...most are 4/4.

-countrysangerma | 6/2/2005
great tab and a great song one of his best!
-urban109 | 6/3/2005
It's on AOL Sessions I think.
-KU_isbestever | 6/10/2005
Can anybody tab the little guitar parts in it?
-lonleyboy48708 | 6/10/2005
can someone give me the chord structures for the / chords?
-parkayj | 6/13/2005
Hover your mouse over the chord...
-lmofle | 6/13/2005
This is an awesome tune. It's hilarious and very true. Thanks for the chords.
-ZKG123 | 6/22/2005
Once again, great tab Larry. Thanks for your expertise. Just one
question......What's Lynchburg? I understand Milwaukee, and
Bordeaux, but not the other.

-SMERSH4346 | 6/24/2005
Lynchburg is where Jack Daniels is
made...thank you for the compliment!

-lmofle | 6/24/2005
this song hasnt been put on an album yet has it? someone please tell me!
-guitaroe | 6/25/2005
What is Bordeaux?
-bigfatsheep | 6/29/2005
A wine...
-lmofle | 6/29/2005
hey on the music video he doesnt use a capo
-RockinCowboy07 | 6/30/2005
You may be correct but if you take the capo off, you have to play the
chords B, E, Gm and F. Which would you rather play? Not to mention
you can't do the walk down as easy as you can here. I try to make the
tabs easy for advanced player as well as beginners.

-lmofle | 6/30/2005
My boy Jack?! We're best friends! Can't believe I didn't know where
he was from. Anyway, you're welcome and you deserve it. And Happy 4th
of July to you since by the e-mail address you have you are in the Air
Force... thanks.

And to that other guy, Bordeaux is not only a wine but it's the
region in France where it is made. I want to say south... could be
wrong though.

-SMERSH4346 | 7/2/2005
Man I expected a lot more out of the video than that. I mean for such a funny song, I thought Brad would put out a hilarious video. Good tab though, as always. No point to really comment on your tabs Larry b/c their all good.
-mystikal1116 | 7/7/2005
Bordeaux is a city in France. He says "Since the day I left....Bordeaux France"
-ttroglio | 7/11/2005
any one wanna tell me fingerings for the chords A/G# F#m D/A D/B D/C#. thanks alot
-cmullens | 7/12/2005
See above comment - hover your mouse over the chord name.
-lmofle | 7/12/2005
Does anyone know any info about a new album! please tell!
-guitaroe | 7/14/2005
Can somebody please tab the little guitar parts in the song?
-lonleyboy48708 | 7/20/2005
Great tab. As for the album, it's called "Time Well Wasted" and it should be in stores August 16. Personally, I can't wait to see which gospel song he does on this album. They're always my favorite.
-ghar462 | 7/25/2005
Great tab, Larry.
-crcrcrcr | 7/27/2005
great tab. think someone can tab the lead guitar in this song?
-leviellis1504 | 7/27/2005
yes lead!

-Derek_Cave99 | 8/2/2005
This is what country music is! Great song!

-WildCard76 | 8/10/2005
mbsteve81 - I'd be interested in knowing why you did not feel this was a
10 rating the other 6 people did?

-lmofle | 8/10/2005
I notice he hasn't submitted any tabs Larry...I don't think you should be able to rate a tab if you have not submitted any!
Great tab Larry!
-browntrout | 8/24/2005
I'll do my part to get this where it belongs...10's across the board...nice work..
-ermapoop | 9/11/2005
cool. i had another progression and i knew it just wasn't right. Thanks..a fun song can't wait for the next party to play this
-anthonyquigley | 10/2/2005
awesome tab bro got any more i not that good with most of the finguring yet but ur tab really helped thanks keep trucking
-tgizmo925 | 11/1/2005
Ok, me and my better are learning this song for a new years eve show this weekend, and the run you have for the chorus, we feel, is wrong, this is what we came up with.

For the:

E B Bb Ab Gb
Been makein the bars lots of big money..
Dbm Gb
and helpin white people dance

and for
Gb B Dbm
I had some of the best times, you'd never
B Abm Gb B
remember with me....alcohol

let me know what you guys thank

-Tele man
-rivercounty | 12/28/2005
is the guitar tuned in d and capo on the second fret
-rudymp | 1/18/2006
Guitar is tuned standard and Capo 2
-lmofle | 1/18/2006
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