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Brad Paisley - Hard To Say Hello (Chord)
Album: TIme Well Wasted (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (100) on 8/22/05 3 comments
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Brad Paisley
Album: Time Well Wasted
2005 Arista Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
4:10 AM 8/22/2005

Bm/C#   =   x4443x

Intro: (Em)  (A)  (Em)  (A)  (D)  (D)

In the (Em) weeks that follow break-up
(A) Last thing you wanna do
(D) Is be out buyin' groceries
(A) And see you-know-who
(Em) Left a half-filled shopping cart
(A) Sittin' on aisle three
(D) Made a b-line for my car
Pr(A)ayin' that she didn't see me

  And it ended (D) well
  Said we'd still be (A) friends
  (Bm) Somebody (A) tell me (G) why
  It's so (D) hard, to say hel(A)lo
  To the one that said good(G)bye  

(Em) Months pass and you move on
(A) Hardly think about it
(D) I don't remember where I was
(A) Just remember it was crowded
(Em) Ducked behind a friend of mine
The (A) minute she walked in
(D) It'd be one thing
If we (A) swore we'd never talk again


(Bm) You spend years with a person
(Bm/C#) You know all their secrets
(D) Said I (G) love you a million (D) times
(Bm) I used to light up
(Bm/C#) The moment I'd see her
(D) Now I look (G) for a place to (A) hide


(Bm) Now I've found the woman
(Bm/C#) That I'm meant to be with
(D) The moment I (G) saw her, I just (D) knew
(Bm) So, isn't it crazy
(Bm/C#) I still get flustered
(D) Whenever I (G) run into...(A) you-know-who

It's so (D) hard
To say hel(A)lo
(Bm) Could somebody (A) tell me (G) why
It's so (D) hard
To say hel(A)lo
To the one that said good(G)bye

Fade out........

questions or comments? feel free to leave a comment!!!!!!! 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
What version of Time Well Wasted do you have? Mine doesn't have this song or the toilet seat song on it. What a bunch of BS!!
-kbrulz | 8/25/2005
You have to purchase the Target version.
-WildCard76 | 8/25/2005
Try an Em7 not an Em.
-danielcraggs | 9/11/2010
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