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Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her (Intro)
Album: Part II (2001)
Submitter: axehappy (105) on 3/16/02 16 comments
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Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her (intro)

By axehappy - axehappy at



 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I don't understand how to read this intro...can anybody explain it to me?
-bc5620 | 1/13/2003
the top e is your bottom string and the low e is your
should be able to fit in the rest. the numbers represent where on
the fret board your fingers should go. the rest is kinda a given
-guitar guy | 2/4/2003
but which notes do u play when?

-rebel4ever | 4/26/2003
you have to listen to the song and hack away at it, you'll get it
eventually. There's nothing you can't learn if you just sit there and
try it over and over.
-maspain129 | 5/6/2003

2h3 Means a hammer-on. Play the first
note(2) then without picking, press down on the second note (3).
-Aggie86 | 5/23/2003
looks fine to me. Good job.

-gjkilmer | 1/26/2004
everybody needs to quit complainin and be
happy he put it on here. tab works so it
don't matter what it looks like. it takes
a little work to learn so try it. thanx
and great job

-bwbucs23 | 4/23/2004
Great tab good job guy!!!
but i have a question does brad play this same riff over threw the verses or does it change any.
-Guitargod789 | 6/19/2004
Outstanding Axe. To answer the above
question, I believe he keeps playing the
intro during the first verse but then
transitions to chords for the rest of the
song. Kudos to you if you can sing the
entire first verse while picking out the
verses. That's impressive. What I do is
play chords and intersperse the cool licks
as sounds good. Kind of like on Sweet Home
-countrysangerma | 9/16/2004
This aint how you play it. It goes like this

0h2 2 0 0h2 2 0 2 3
3 2p 3
-mbf | 12/18/2004
hey oxbodies actually the top string is a low E not the high E but its all good, all of you rock and axe you kick but dude good job.
-poonly | 2/3/2005
I think he means the top line of the tab, which IS the HIGH "E" string on the guitar.
-jakeweinbender | 2/9/2005
I forgot it was in F# on the record. I figured he just tooned down a step. I play in G and use open strings. Bass notes G on the 3rd fret(E string) then 0 1 2 to the B on the (A st) then 0 2 3 to the C and then open D, on the high side I alternate with the 3rd fret b and e strings, all based on that open G cord untill you get to the D, just fill in the notes from the chord as you move threw them. Oh yeh, Slide the intro lick from up top up one fret. enjoy

Ratchit Azz
-Mrlive75 | 2/24/2005
great job on the tab
-smithnt4285 | 4/1/2005
sounds perfect

-sweethomealabam | 5/1/2005
this is the best tab ive heard yet
-kingsfoeva1 | 6/2/2005
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