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Brad Paisley - Make A Mistake (Chord)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: axehappy (23) on 7/31/03 7 comments
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Brad Paisley  -  Make A Mistake

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

These are the chord shapes I believe are used, although I'm not too
sure about the names of some of them...and they're just the basic
shapes. Check the intro tab for most of the embelishments used.
Check my tab for this song for an example of the picking used throughout.
Where I mark a chord as ?1, ?2, or ?3.. these are close to the deliberate
mistakes Brad makes in the
I've added some tab at the end for the middle section, you'll know that
cos the chords are different from all the verses.. :o)
Have fun.....!!


INTRO (see seperate intro tab)

C       Abdim        Am       Fm/B    Am        C9       F
You overthink things you say, what if we're not meant to be?
Ddim     Am  Abdim  Am
You know what? So   what!
Fmaj7               G/B
Make a mistake with me.

C       Abdim       Am        Fm/B     Am         C9     F
Nobody goes through this life and does everything perfectly.
Ddim             Am   Abdim            Am
 We're all gonna fail, so you might as well,
Fmaj7          G/B  C
Make a mistake with me.

E7             Am
Sometimes baby, when we take
E7                Am
 A chance that has this much at stake.

 We look back and in hindsight,
Am          Gm          Fm        Abdim
What seemed wrong looks more like right.

C        Abdim      Am        Fm/B      Am      C9       F
So I say worst case, we'll be left with lots of good memories.
Ddim           Am   Abdim           Am
This chance we have, well its worth that.
   Fmaj7          G/B  C
So make a mistake with me.
Ddim        Am   Abdim          Am
I'm tellin' you, right thing to do,
   F         C   G/B F         ?1   ?2 
Is make a mistake,   make a mistake,
F              G/B  ?3
Make a mistake with me.

Spoken: Whoops, help me out....



     A                    Am    Gm   Fm   Abdim


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Such a short song yet so many chords!
Great job! :o)
-Shantel | 7/31/2003
I got the first chord(the C):-)...........
and spent way too long trying to figure the others. I may
have gotten 1 or 2 others but I basically I said screw it.
I'm impressed axe, good job as always!
-eric wilson | 7/31/2003
I said when I first done the tab that I
couldn't play the picking, but i pretty much
can now.. :)
So I'll probably do a picking tab soon...
It's not spot on with the recording, but
it'll give you a damn good base to work on.
-axehappy | 8/4/2003
I got to the second last line..and split a nail...:(
-WayneXG95 | 9/27/2004
can somebody put up the fingering positions up?
-tonyjay87 | 5/8/2005
Pretty good transcr i ption.
-83_telecaster | 6/16/2005
You're better checking my picking tab for the chord shapes now... since the new chord diagrams are up, its just showing standard shapes, and they aren't correct. :-(
-axehappy | 6/17/2005
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