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Brad Paisley - Mud On The Tires (Intro)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: axehappy (95) on 8/6/03 26 comments
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Brad Paisley  -  Mud On The Tires  (intro)

By axehappy  -  axehappy at

Play this with a capo on 2nd fret.
All notes are relative to position of capo.
Chord names are written as they sound, not based on the shape played.


   D        A/Db Bm         A6      G(add9)        A   Asus A 


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Sounds great!
-eric wilson | 8/6/2003
Excellent, you are the master!
-Shantel | 8/6/2003
Hey, watch the language, teet. Great tab!! Right on.
-so-bonehead | 5/21/2004
yeah watch the language...because we can't handle potty mouths....AHHH MY EARS!! NO CUSSING!!
-kabo | 6/11/2004
now im not sure of this-ive never tabbed
anything-but i think at this part:
----0--0--- it should go up
-0h2--0---- kinda like this:

----0--0h2-0--- ok well i dont know how
-0h2--0-------- to make it fit quite right
------2-----2-- but im pretty sure it has
that hammer on somewhere
around there, you can hear him play it. maybe
im wrong, just try it. other than that, it
sounds EXACT! awesome job!! :)

-climbergirl | 7/17/2004
-skeetur7 | 8/3/2004
i can play it slowly.. for now, but this is an excellent tab, paisley is the man
-timing187 | 8/14/2004
axehappy, keep these goin man... this is bout the fifth pimpin ass tab ive gotten from u. rock on
-hockeystar9510 | 8/17/2004
Hey man, Awesome Tab, this is great..if you could ill it would be awesome if you could tab the dance by garth brooks...Thanks man its dead on!!
-tenncountryboy8 | 10/17/2004
great tab, but sounds like there is a few bends not shown, but in the intro, may be wrong but thats what i hear...

also on the low e string you have E----1 played 4 times, i hear it 1 time in the intro.
-vasucks21 | 10/30/2004
your are the guitar god
-cody_80 | 12/5/2004
Jon hates Brad paisley, but me and Joseph love him!!!!
-KCacb | 12/14/2004
good job
-bwbucs23 | 12/20/2004
Axe awesome as always bro havent seen you
post a bad tab yet hats off to ya 10+
-AcousticCowboy1 | 1/5/2005
i've been playing for about a year now, and every time i start thinking i'm pretty hot stuff on the guitar i look at any of your tabs and it puts me back in my place. someday though someday. you rock axe
-xxkodyxx | 1/18/2005
Holy Moly I'll buy what they're sellin.'
Nice tab!
-spitfire_00_911 | 1/26/2005
can you tab the intro to I'm a Little Bit Lucky by Jack Ingram ...can't seem to find that anywhere ..thanks axehappy
-jet7719 | 1/26/2005

-bobthesnob | 1/30/2005
How do I play the chords that are seperate strings? Is this a fingerpicked song or does he pluck with his finger? thanks for the help Ima newbie :)
-chiznitz | 1/30/2005
is there anyway to simplify this? just curious cause it looks like some numbers are on top of the others...
-jet7719 | 3/12/2005
Yeah, can someone please help me with this tab? I'm a beginner and I sure would appreciate all the help I can get. THANX
-bignrich32 | 3/12/2005
Alright i am no beginner.... but this song is seriously kicking my ass... i cna play the whole thing but when i got to the cd and listen for the key notes and rythm... the song only sounds like it is the same key... i can't figure out how to make your tab have the same rythm as the actual intro.

it might be me but i just don't see how you can gofrom a G/B chord to an a minor with no transition at all...
-sealablefate | 9/27/2005
Very nice tab, man, best one ive seen!
-sam399 | 10/10/2005
awesome... been looking for this tab and i guess some people just knw wat they're doin. Thanx

-JLino | 12/31/2005
I should have rated yours a 5 instead of 3... it's wonderful!!!
-cnielsen1 | 3/30/2009
this is the best tab exelent job
-pickle1234567890 | 10/18/2011
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