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Brad Paisley - She's Everything (Chord)
Album: TIme Well Wasted (2005)
Submitter: palamin0 (154) on 7/22/05 19 comments
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Artist: Brad Paisley
Title: She's everything
cd: Time well wasted
chords by: palamin0 at

Brad Paisely - She's everything

Intro - C - Am7 - Fmaj7 - G = 2x's

(verse 1)
She's a yellow pair of runnin shoes,

a only pair of jeans,
She looks great in cheap sunglasses,

She looks great in anything,
She's "I want a piece of chocolate",

Take me to a movie,
She's I can't find a thing to wear,

now and then she's mood(?),

(verse 2)
She's a Saturn with a sunroof,

With her brown hair blowin
She's a soft place to land,

and a good feelin knowin,
She's a warm conversation,

that I wouldn't miss for nothin'
She's a fighter when she's mad

She's a lover when she's lovin, and

       F            G
She's everything I ever wanted,
     C     C/B     Am7 - (G)
and every-thing I need,
F                     G               Am
 I talk about her I go on and on, and on,
      (G)-F           G      C
Cause she's,   everything to me,

(verse 3)
She's a Saturday out on the town,
and a church girl on Sunday,
She has a cross around her neck,
and a cuss word cause it's Monday,
She'a bubble bath in canvas 
baby come and kiss me
She's one glass of wine 
and she's feelin kinda tipsy

(verse 4)
She's the giver I wish I could be,
and the stealer of the covers,
She's a picture in my wallet,
my unborn childrens mother,
She's the hand that I'm holdin,
I'm on my knees a prayin,
She's the answer to my prayers,
She's the song that I'm playin, and

       F            G
She's everything I ever wanted,
     C     C/B     Am7 - (G)
and every-thing I need,
F                     G               Am
 I talk about her I go on and on, and on,
      (G)-F           G      C
Cause she's,   everything to me,

(lead  - C - Am - F - G - C - Am - F - Gsus-G)

(verse 5)
She's the voice I love to hear,

Someday when I'm ninety,
She's that wooden rockin chair,

I want rockin right beside me,
  Everyday that passes,

I only love her more,
 She's the one I'd lay down my own life for, and

       F            G
She's everything I ever wanted,
     C     C/B     Am7 - (G)
and every-thing I need,
F                      G      C - Am - 
 Cause she's,   everything to me,
     F          G       C - Am - F
Yea she's everything to me,
              G          C - Am
everything I ever wanted,
     F            G   -  C - Am - F
and everything I need,
            G         C
she's everything to me,

Outro - C - Am - F - G

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
im very impressed great tab and incredibly wonderful written song music and lyrics
-tj0491 | 7/19/2005
The line is "now and then she's moody"
-Rmcwil | 8/17/2005
It's a Holey, pair of jeans, not the Only pair of jeans
-emeraldknight | 8/21/2005
i'd give it a 9.5 - my girlfriend and i adore this song. I wish i could have written it for her.
-nickelcreed | 8/28/2005

Like I keep saying.....I have these cd's months before they are available to the street so when I'm charting them out I'm listening to the music that's what I hear Not the lyrics... So when I'm charting out a bunch of songs that I'll likely never play again, only for your enjoyment, the words begin to run together so please forgive my mistakes....
-palamin0 | 8/29/2005
haha good call palmino great tabs bro
-yeahright35 | 9/4/2005
nice tab keep it up man
-bjhbballa11 | 9/17/2005
You guys can watch Brad play this song by himself on AOL sessions. It's really awesome
-brendeano | 9/18/2005
I was going to say the same thing,
Go to sessions@aol and check it out!
very beautiful song!

-shadamon | 9/21/2005
When he plays it on aol sessions he tunes his guitar down a 1/2 step.
-defroach30 | 10/12/2005
we know the lyrics ur chord timing is right on bro keep up the gud work

-willbill | 10/15/2005
there is about 4 notes missing after the G in the verses.
-chad_jarnigan | 11/2/2005
hey.... im new to this whole guitar thing but i know my chords. Can anyone help me out w/ the strum pattern to this song. Please!!! thank you
-spartanmsu16 | 11/13/2005
Ya I saw the aol session which is definately a half step lower than the original version. He doesnt even use an F by the sounds of it in that version. The way he plays it seems easier, but for some reason I cant get it. Oh thats right Im bad at this haha.
-hummell07 | 12/5/2005
Chad---- the 4 notes you are refering to are lap / steele guitar not guitar it stays in the G....

those of you saying there is no "F" don't know what you are listening to but I've checked and re-check...I'm not always right ( I chart them then throw them up I don't dwell on them or even play them again) But the "F" is correct in the Fmaj7 in the verses you should be playing (Fmaj7 = x03210) not a full "F"
-palamin0 | 12/18/2005
Just looked up this tab, you did a nice job thanks

-maximusgg2 | 1/2/2006
i just herd this song for the first time today and wow. . . .good song. . . .great song. . . ..the tab is perfect as far as i can tell. . . .great job.
-moonshinedrinkr | 1/24/2006
Ok the missing notes that guy was talking about: its not a G chord its a Gsus then he lifts the finger on the sus to make a G. Then every once in a while he'll add 3 on the little e string. Oh and the F you guys keep refering to: all you do is take the bar off and leave out the bottom note on the E string.
-fender17guy | 1/27/2006
Hey I am new to playing but really want to learn this song. What is the strum pattern?? Bc it sounds like he is just picking in the background..? If so what are the tabs for the picking? Please, Thanks!
-Garrison23 | 7/30/2009
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