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Brad Paisley - Somebody Knows You Now (Chord)
Album: Mud on the Tires (2003)
Submitter: palamin0 (128) on 7/21/03 6 comments
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Artist: Brad Paisley
Title: Somebody knows you now
cd: Mud On The Tires
released: July 22, 2003
chords by: palamin0 at

   -----(capo 3rd fret)-----

INtro - Em - C - Am7 - D
        Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G

(verse 1)
Em                   B7
You use to say, you wanted someone,
    G               Asus2
To know, you inside out,
C               D
 And as I look back on things,
G           C
Congratulations baby,
Am7       D         G
Somebody knows you now,

(verse 2)
Em                     B7
All of this time, you told me you wished,
      G                        Asus2
That you could figure yourself out,
C                         D
 You say you're still a mystery,
G           C
And no not really not to me,
Am7           D         G - C-C/B -Am7- G/F# -C -C/B
Yea somebody knows you now,

I gotta hundred bucks that says,
               Dm             C
Righ now your hairs up in a clip,
      Dm               G
Your socks don't quit match,
And you're bitin your lip,
I can finnish your thoughts,
              G        Em
Oh pick the right resturants,
      C      C/B     Am7     G   F
Even order for you 'for you sit down,
Am7              D        G
   Yea somebody knows you now,

(lead chords - 
     Em - B7 - G - Asus2 - C - D - G - C - Am7 - D - G)

(verse 3)
Em                       B7
So no matter where, your life's path leads,
  G               Asus2
Remember me some how,
C               D
Feel a little warm inside,
G  C/B         C
Kmowin that somewhere tonight,
Am7       D         G
Somebody knows you now,
C                    D
Well baby all your mystery,
G           C
Like you and me's history,
Am7             D         Em - B7 - G - C - C/B - C
Cause somebody knows you know,

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Superb tab on a very difficult song with many chords. Excellent job! :o)
-Shantel | 7/27/2003
one way:
Cm - x35543
C/B - x22010 or x25543
G/F# - 220003

the / means to play the regular chord, but make sure the note under
the slash is the bass note of the chord.
-PeaPicker | 8/7/2003
That's a brilliant tab...thanks mate!

-browntrout | 1/30/2004
JUst tab it as I hear it:)

Ken Adams (BMI)
-palamin0 | 2/15/2004
What an excellent ear and tab. Anybody else having trouble playing the B7 due to the capo...any suggestions...?
-T4TeeJ | 3/14/2005
While not generally good advice when using a capo, because of the B7 chord, slide the capo as close to the second fret as possible, as long as the capo is in the 3rd fret it should be fine and will give you the room to more comfortably fret the B7... But normally try to keep the capo as close to the fret your capoeing as possible.
-dmb_spook | 10/5/2008
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