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Brad Paisley - Yes, You Will (Chord)
Album: TIme Well Wasted (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (109) on 8/22/05
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Brad Paisley
Album: Time Well Wasted
2005, Arista Records
Submitted by: christopher r.
3:55 AM 8/22/2005

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro:  (D)   (A)   (G)  x 2

When you're (D) 5 years old and you walk downstairs
And catch your (G) parents on the couch
Playin' some (G/F#) game that (Em) looks like
(G) Half-dressed (A) mouth-to-mouth
Well it's a (D) shock to your system
And your brain starts spinnin'
And you (G) make your(G/F#)self a (Em) pact
Yeah, when (G) I grow (G/F#) up
(Em) I ain't (G) ever gonna (A) do that (NC)

  Yes, you (G) will
  If you're lucky, you will (A) know just how (it/that) (D) feels 
  (G) To step into
  (A) A pair of shoes
  That you (Bm) swore you'd (A) never (G) fill
  You (G/F#) say you (Em) won't  ((Bass run from E to A))
  (A) Yes, you (G) will

(D) Before long, you've got your driver's license
And the (G) world seems like it's yours
Except for the (G/F#) fact that you (Em) gotta be (G) home
By (A) 10, of course
And that (D) makes you mad - So, you throw a fit
And slam the (G) door, as you (G/F#) leave the (Em) house
And yell, "when (G) I have (G/F#) kids,
(Em) I ain't gonna (G) care how (A) late they're out!" (NC)



Well you (Bm) know how your grandma and (A) grandpa are happy
Just (G) sittin' 'round the house
Wearin' (Bm) clothes that are out-of-date
(A) Talkin' 'bout the ol' days
And (G) draggin' photo albums out
And you (Em) sure do love 'em
But, I (D/F#) mean "come on, now!"
(G) You won't ever be that (A) way (NC)


  You can (G/F#) say you (Em) won't  ((Bass run from E to A))
  But, (A) yes, you (G) will
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