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Brandon Rhyder - Do You Remember (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (53) on 10/4/08 1 comment
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Do You Remember
By Brandon Rhyder
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

All songs of Brandon's songs can be downloaded at  along with 350
Other bands in the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene!

Capo 3

Instead of going to G after the Am, you could walk down the bass by staying in the Am
and playing the 3rd fret on the 6th string instead.

       Am                G                 F                     E 
Do you remember when you fell in love, the butterflies swimming around in your stomach
    Am                     G             F                  E
And how you would talk for hours without saying anything at all
Am                   G                   F                  E  
How you'd run into a burning house, when everybody else was running out
Am           G                        F E
To save the love that you thought you lost

             F               G  
Where did it go, when did it happen
What happened to happy ever after
      F                                    E
Where frowns replace the pictures down the hall
         F           G
Do you remember that day in your life
When you said I love you for the very first time
    F                                 E
And nothing else mattered, nothing at all, do you remember

Do you remember when you fell in love, the first night you made out under the stars
And how you'd look into each others eyes all through the night
How the time it would go so fast, it's amazing how fast an hour would pass
You couldn't wait to see each other again


So take that someone, with that special touch
And remember their very special touch
And ask yourself if you could live, if they were to leave
And never come back, never come back again, again, again

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Can someone tab out the picking for the intro?
-Juan1988 | 10/6/2008
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