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Brandon Rhyder - Have I Waited Too Long (Chord)
Album: Because She Loves Me (2001)
Submitter: lmofle (54) on 5/27/06 1 comment
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Have I Waited Too Long
By Brandon Rhyder
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

You can purchase this song as well as all 3 of Brandon's CD's at: 
along with another 300 other Texas Country/Red Dirt artists! 

          C                   G 
I've been crazy and I've been blinded 
          Am                             F     G  
I've been walking down the wrong path of life 
          C                G 
I've been broke down, been mistreated 
        Am                        F              
To ever think that our love had a chance to survive 
      G                          Am 
And I know I haven't held you as much as I should 
      G                        F      G  
And I haven't given everything that I could 

     C                 G          
If I promised tonight, to change my life 
Am                             F 
Would you come back, or have I waited too long 
     C                 G 
If I made things right, if I started tonight 
Am                        F       G           C    
Would you come back to me, have I waited too long

Well I've been faithful, I've never strayed 
And I know that there are times I don't see things your way 
But I'm still here, and I'll never leave 
And if this whole thing doesn't work out it won't be because of me 
And there's one thing that I can't keep from thinking everyday 
If we called it off would it haunt us till our dying day 
  Am                  G 
I remember a man once telling me 
           Am                     G 
You better hold on to what you've got 
      Am                      G 
It'll slip right through your fingers 
        F                                 G  
And you don't know what you got till it's gone 
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-finnytown | 2/1/2006
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