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Brian Burns - The Rain Before The Hurricane (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (435) on 7/17/10
Month Views: 23 | Total Views: 2,929
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Rain Before The Hurricane
By Brian Burns
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

G                            Dm 
Dark clouds in the distance, whitecaps rollin’ in
          C                                          G
There’s a gentle warm rain on Corpus Christi and the gusts of a tattletale wind.
G                             Dm 
Shrimpboats turning homeward, airwaves crackle with life
           C                                     G
And if you ain’t in San Antonio by sundown, it's gonna be a helluva night

         G             Dm
It’s the rain before a hurricane
         C                            G
When you know trouble’s comin’ like a runaway train
   G                      Dm
No matter what you do, no matter what you say
       C                D 
You’re gonna get blown away

Truth is hard to come by, confidences fail
And when you find somebody you can trust nowadays, better hang on tooth and nail
Cause someone’s workin’ late tonight and someone’s home alone
And it’s hell wakin’ up in the middle of the night just to wonder what’s goin’ wrong


And if you make it through this perfect storm
Dm                    C
Without gettin’ torn apart
Maybe next time you’ll have ears to hear
    Dm              C                D
The warning signals sounding in your heart


She prayed for things to get better, they couldn't get much worse
Since she'd fallen in love and followed some stranger halfway around the earth
They fought a lot in Dallas, she thought "it's just his foolish pride"
Till she read the note he left on the dresser that morning John Kennedy died

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