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Brooks & Dunn - It's Gettin' Better All The Time (Chord)
Album: The Greatest Hits Collection II (2004)
Submitter: WildCard76 (108) on 10/26/04 13 comments
Month Views: 41 | Total Views: 11,787
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Brooks & Dunn
Album: The Greatest Hits II
2004, Arista Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo 2nd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (Bm)  (A)  (G)  (G/F#)  (Em7)  (Asus)  (A)

I (D) don't stop breathing, (Bm) everytime the (G) phone rings (Em7)
My (G) heart don't race when (Asus) someone's (A) at my (D) door (G) (A)
I've (D) almost given (Bm) up, thinkin' you're (G) ever gonna call 
I (Em7) don't believe in (Asus) magic, (A) any(D)more
I (Bm) just don't lie a(F#m7)wake at night
(G) Asking God to (G/F#) get you off my (Em7) mind
(A) It's gettin' better all the (Bm) time (A)
(G) It's gettin' (A) better all the (D) time (G) (A)

Yeah, I (D) got to work on (Bm) time again this (G) morning 
(Em7) This old job is (Asus) all that (A) I've got (D) left (G) (A)
And (D) no one even (Bm) noticed I'd been (G) cryin' 
At (Em7) least I don't have (Asus) whiskey (A) on my (D) breath
Yeah, I (Bm) think I'm gonna (F#m7) make it
Cause (G) God won't make a (G/F#) mountain I can't (Em7) climb
(A) It's gettin' better all the (Bm) time (A)
(G) It's gettin' (A) better all the (D) time

  (G) God I (A) hope you're (D) happy (D/F#)
  (G) Girl, I (A) wish you (D) well (D/F#)
  (G) I just (A) might get (F#m7) over (Bm) you
  (Em7) You can never (Asus) tell (A)

I (D) always thought that (Bm) I'd do something (G) crazy (Em7)
If I (G) ever saw you (Asus) out with (A) someone (D) else (G) (A)
But (D) when the moment (Bm) came last night, I (G) couldn't say a word  
I (Em7) stood there in the (Asus) dark all (A) by my(D)self
Yeah, I (Bm) could've said a (F#m7) million things
But, (G) all I did was (G/F#) keep it locked in(Em7)side
(A) It's gettin' better all the (Bm) time (A)
(A) It's gettin' better all the (Bm) time (A)
(G) Gettin' (A) better (N.C.) all...........the (D) time
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
and you changed your chords... good job taking my tab
-Nitroxide | 11/11/2004
I didn't have the intro chords, so I had
to add them. I also took away my G/F#'s
in the verses, because after listening
to the song, I realized that they
wern't there. Also, I submitted this
tab 2 days after the album was released.
I didn't take anyone's tab. I looked
mine over, after getting an email from
lmofe, letting me know that someone
had corrected my tab. I wanted to make
sure that mine was as good as I could
make it.
-WildCard76 | 11/11/2004
Wildcard, u kick ass, dont let the Newbies try to get to down. i make corrections on my tabs all the time if i realize i missed a chord or heard my D7 was really a Dm. what can ya do right?
-buffdixie | 12/26/2004
Obviously, I'm not allowed to make
corrections on my tabs. I though that
what the 'edit' button was for???
No biggie...he'll get 1000 hits off
of a tab that I created. It happens
all of the time.
-WildCard76 | 12/26/2004
Let's see... you let the tab sit for about 2 months with no correction and the day after I submit mine you finally correct it? And not to mention over half of your chords were wrong.


-Nitroxide | 12/31/2004
chill dont get an award for having the correct there is no need to fight over who is right and who stole what....they both sound fine to me......and hey nitroxide...wildcard had the tab on here first and i remember looking at they day it was posted.....wasnt totally correct at the time but thats why that edit button is on the page....remember ..its all for fun no awards....unless you want us to award u with the crybaby award
-denalitwinkie2s | 1/17/2005
-WildCard76 | 1/17/2005
I agree with Denali and Wildcard. I came here to play and learn guitar, not for recognition of my ability.
-edgerrin322000 | 1/29/2005
Don't you think there should be a G in the verse at "Heart"?

I (D) don't stop breathing, (Bm) everytime the (G) phone rings (Em7)
My heart don't race when (Asus) someone's (A) at my (D) door (G) (A)

Great tab/chord Buddy.
-edgerrin322000 | 1/29/2005
I agree. I had to go back and listen to
the CD, again. I am not sure why I didn't
add those G's.
-WildCard76 | 1/29/2005
congratulations for embedding the chords in the line of text and not trying to put them on a separate line like sheet music. this way works a lot better, for printing playing copying everything.. all you other people get with the program...
-georgeb1954 | 4/20/2005
Thank you, George. I find that putting them
into the line of text, helps if you are on
stage, reading along. It's time consuming
to try to align the chords perfectlly over
the lyrics.
-WildCard76 | 4/23/2005
Do you get cookies for making tabs or something? Where is the argument?

-qqddoogg | 9/2/2005
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