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Bruce Robison - All Over But The Cryin' (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (334) on 6/11/06
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All Over But The Cryin''
By Bruce Robison
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

I tabbed this capo 4 to stay away from barre chords for beginning players but
an alternate way could be capo 2 and substitute these chords:

Capo 4   Capo 2
  D        E
  A        B
  G        A
 Em        F#m 
 Gm        Am

Capo 4

    D           A           G
The pain of goodbye and the teardrops in her eyes
      D                    A                  Em           G 
Ain''t nothing to the first long night in this empty house alone
             D             A                   G
The sweetest times of a romance will fill your mind of last slow dance 
        D               A                                 G
Hold on tight, will you make her be the one that makes to say it''s all gone
And you know it''s all gone

              D                   Em                  G 
The lights go down, the charge is done, the battle is over and the other side won
             D                 A                    G
And it don''t help to know that it ain''t a matter of trying
           D              Em                G
I hold you close one last time, the cost of love might be my mind
              D                A                       G
It hurts like hell when you''re living in a love that''s dying
        Gm                              D   G   D  G  D  G  
And you know that it''s all over but the crying

I remember everything we done and the nights when we were one
The silence comes, I can''t imagine my life without you
Cause you got plans and I got mine, it''s gonna take a long, long time
I hope someday I can smile and think how crazy I was about you
So crazy about you


I don''t know the reason 
And there''s nothing to blame but time
         G                                    Gm
And I''ve looked into your eyes and they don''t lie

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