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Bruce Robison - Match Made In Heaven (easy) (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (40) on 3/5/05
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Match Made in Heaven--Bruce Robison
written by B. Robison
From the album "Bruce Robison"

The other tab on here (submitted by Jeffrey Brent) is pretty damn good, but a little
hard on the wrist.   I put a capo to it and added a couple "sus" chords and 
extra base notes.

Capo III

INTRO: D/A D Dsus4 (4x)

In a dim lit bar on the west side of town
              D/A                         D
She's tryin a little too hard to turn his poor head around
       G                        Gsus
With a cigarette smoke halo and one broken wing
D/A                   D
She stumbles into his hazy daydream
C                       Cadd9
He's a little cocky and she's a little stocky
    G                                Gsus-D
But all is forgiven in the nighttime somehow

          Gsus                       D        Dsus4  D
It was a match made in Heaven by an angel on high
         G                       D          Dsus4  D
From her soft proposition to his gin soaked reply
  Gsus                 D 
A gentle admission of loneliness and fright
   C                         G                         D
A match made in Heaven when two lonely hearts send the night 

She said I was an angel when I was a child
And it was all laughter and love for a while
You don't think of the future when you're gettin it for free
Somehow I made God angry at me
Tonight as my heart is breakin' I pray I'll awaken
And there'll be somebody somewhere for me


         C                       G
And they cling to each other by lone candle flame
D                           D/A
He calls her honey he don't remember her name
    Cadd9                      G                    A7   D
She acts like she's sleepin as he slips away in the night

It was a match made in Heaven, they're goin through hell
Lord have mercy on the angel who fell
Sometimes it ain't easy tellin' wrong from the right
A match made in Heave when two lonely hearts can get by
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