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Callahan Divide - Pirater (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (416) on 3/28/16
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 3,495
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Written by: Garrett Bryan
Recorded by Callahan Divide

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(D) --- |(D) ---

(D) When the dust settles in this sleepy little town
(D) I'll be chasing the sun and hoping it don't fall down on (G)me
I just want to be lost (D)at sea
(D) These streets are windy and this alleyway is cold
(D) And I've been dreaming of a place, a place I've never even known (G)
Somewhere I can be (D)free ---

I wish I was a (G)pirate, instead of living here on these (D)streets (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)
I wish I was a (A)pirate, (G) --- lost (D)at sea (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)

(D) In my dreams (Dmaj7)I'm on my ship and I'm (D) way out (Dmaj7)in the water
(D) But real life (Dmaj7) speaks to me and every (D) day gets (Dmaj7)a little harder to (G) talk back
When your stuck under a railroad (D)track (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)
(D) Leaning up a-(Dmaj7)gainst a street light and I'm (D) trying to re-(Dmaj7)call love
(D) My fingertips (Dmaj7)get so worn out from (D) all the (Dmaj7)holes in my glove
And (G)then I get the notion to sail myself out in the (D)ocean (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)

I wish I was a (G)pirate, instead of living here on these (D)streets (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)
I wish I was a (A)pirate, (G) lost (D)at sea (Dmaj7) (D)(Dmaj7)

When the (Bm)waves crash down and (A)hit the deck
I (G)find myself alone (D)(A/C#)
(Bm) Sit back in the (A)captains chair 
And have (G) --- myself another bottle of (A)rum ---
I'll be drinking (D)rum ---

Instead of living her on these (D)streets (Dmaj7)(D)(Dmaj7)
I wish I was a (A)pirate (G) ---

Outro.:  |(D) |(D) |(D) |(D) |(G) |(G) |(Bm) |(Bm) |
         |(A) |(G) |(D) |(D) |(G) |(G) |(Bm) |(Bm) |
         |(A) |(G) --- |(D) ----- 
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