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Cast Iron Filter - Hard Luck Man (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (334) on 9/6/04
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 3,624
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Hard Luck Man 
By Cast Iron Filter
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

There’s some quick changes I don’t have 100% down but 
this is pretty darn close!!...Larry

Capo 4 (to play along with recording)

      D                    A
I'm a hard luck man with a bad luck story
On an out-of-luck Friday, got nowhere to be 
    D                         A
The interstate flying, got my last buck and smiling
I don't give a f**k who's buying 'cause you're coming with me
   Bm                     A
So baby take me anywhere, we can go downtown 
D                          G   
In your leopard underwear, loud and with the top down 
Bm                           A                D  G
Two in the morning and we're burning up the 503, hey, hey, hey
    Bm                         D 
And maybe I just want a little running around
G                        A
Maybe I done lost what I thought I found
    D     A           Gm
But maybe that's just me

             D                     A
'Cause I'm a hard luck man, with a bad luck story
And the night gets so thick, it's so hard to see
   D                                A
My heart's still groaning, spent my last buck this morning
But I stay awake knowing you're the one for me
   Bm                               A
So baby don't you leave me 'cause I think I'd die
D                       G   
Sun's out bleeding all across the sky
    Bm                       A  
I'm sitting all alone in our empty room
          D                                   G 
Feel your manner, hear your voice, smell your cheap perfume

D                      A
Baby I don't love you, baby I don't love you but
Baby I could take you down with me
D                A
Baby I'm crying, baby I'm dying
    G                                  D
I'm on my knees honey can't you see, yeah

       Bm                           A  
Got my collar turned up, 'cause the night gets cold
         D                          G
A little shake in my voice, praying it's gonna hold,
        Bm                           A                         D
Look me dead in the eyes and tell me this ain't how it's gonna be
                  Bm                         A   	 
Baby maybe do you think it'd be alright if I stayed tonight
      G                           A
Maybe we could work it out if you turn out the light
    D     A               Gm
But maybe that just can't be, yeah

             D                     A
'Cause I'm a hard luck man, with a bad luck story
And a tired-out heart, too damn broke to see
    D                                 A
Got half the tapes from Dixieland and still no sense of glory
I think that there's a sign there ain't no hope for me but 
D                    A 
Baby how I love you, baby how I love 
Won’t you hold on tight, go up in flames with me baby
  D                      A
Together we’ll be crying til the day we're dying
Won't you take my hand and come and cry with me
           D                  A 
I'm just a hard luck man on a twelve month stand
Now you ask me who I am - And that s**t ain't free

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