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Cast Iron Filter - Paradise In Palestine/Catherine's Song (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (425) on 8/22/03 5 comments
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Paradise in Palestine 
By Cast Iron Filter

Intro chords:
G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9   G

G                             Cadd9
Pretty picture standing there, the only one I know
G                                Cadd9
I like the way you did your hair, but you don't think so
G                               Cadd9
Babe, I don't want you to leave, I know you're feeling rough
G                              Cadd9                     
despite what you might believe, you're always good enough
you’re always good enough
G                               Cadd9
Second guessed a sure thing once and ended up too low
G                                Cadd9
Although I made it home today, I still gotta ways to go
G                          Cadd9
Wednesday's my birthday and I don't know what to do
G                        Cadd9
I'm sneaking up on 21 but it feels like 32
We're taking our time going the wrong way
We're going downtown to try and fade away
She looks so good in the summer night
                Cadd9                            D
You tell me I'm wrong, but you know that I'm right

   G                        Em            
If you can still get around this little crazy town
C                              D   
Please try and find yourself a little ray of sunshine
G                    Em
Take it easy, have a drink and try to settle down
      C                              D
Don't worry about the rest of it and things will be alright
G                    Em
Babe, you gotta stop playing with your shadows
             C                           D
Yeah, you're looking in the mirror for a model and a valentine
G                      Em                  C                        D  
Hey, I'm trying not to be too shallow, but someone's gotta draw the line
           Em         G        C           D    G
Cause what we got is just like Paradise in Palestine

I admit it didn't seem like things were working out
We were over under on the in between, we were knee deep in doubt
We're looking towards the future when we'll love in some hotel
You said we got the right stuff baby, you said that you could tell
I'm standing in line waiting on a miracle that's never gonna come
And you know I ain't special
Gotta DC ticket I remember my own, 
Don't worry baby cause I'm coming home


Can't remember everything that happened in my youth
It's getting a little late for lies but it's too soon for the truth
It all adds up to nothing when you look at it from afar
I got a two dollar bill in my pocket and this beat up guitar
I'm getting nowhere fast and you're riding shotgun
And I'm coming in last cause you know you got me running
I'm trying real hard just to make thing good
Sometimes I think I can't but then I probably could

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Hey there a little fill riff between the G and Cadd9
in the verse and it goes something like this

-0-2-4-2-0---0 strum-0-2-4-2-0---0-
-dirkfr3tx | 8/25/2003
You're right...I heard that but this was the
chords so I didn't add it to it...I would
consider that an intro or a lead...

-lmofle | 8/25/2003
Oh alright cool, I just thought id throw it in there.
-dirkfr3tx | 8/26/2003
Hey, great tab! The only thing I noticed
was that right after the first verse,
before "Second thought.." they do the
intro again. But that's being extremely
picky. LOL This a good song. Thanks bro!
-debeck | 1/3/2004
Woaahh!! I downloaded this song a while back and thought it was
someone else.I just now realized it's Cast Iron Filter, damn I'm an
idiot. Good job by the way.

-Countrykid8 | 5/8/2004
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