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Cast Iron Filter - The Runaway Song (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (397) on 5/7/04
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,080
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The Runaway Song 
By Cast Iron Filter
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

This was a tough one to get. Enjoy!

Capo 1

G  C  G  C  Em  C  G  D twice

G            C       G     C                  Em               C                G    D
She's headed down to New Orleans, she's got a hundred miles of highway still to go tonight
G           C           G             C          Em        C              G         D 
With just a smile and a pair of faded jeans, one map and a novel tucked between her thighs
G          C                  G                 C          Em          C       G          D 
She's been drivin since they built the Wall of China just a-runnin from her worries and the places she goes
G          C              G            C           Em               C              G      D 
She's been livin' down in Northern Carolina just a-runnin' from her family and her broken windows

C                                A
She borrowed a bottle of beer of mine but she wanted to drink alone
C                               D               Bm
But she let me blow the top off of the foam and then I said
      C           G            C        G   C             G         D 
"Hey, Hey, pretty girl why you runnin' away why don't you stay for another day
C      G                     C      G              C      G           D      G
Yeah I know you're tryin' to get it right but just settle down around here tonight."

She looked at me with a coy little smile and some mischief in her eye, then a frown on her face
She said, "Well, maybe just a little while Lord knows I'm having trouble getting' outta that place
I been runnin since my daddy hit my mama, I've had enough of family violence and my brother's too mean
I'm goin' to Asia, gonna meet the Dali Lama Gonna dress like Elvis Presley for the next Halloween."


Mandolin solo

She said, "Well, now I gotta be goin', gotta make the French Quarter before midnight
I ain't got time for this raunchy bungalowin'." and with that she started walkin' back into the night
She pulled out on the highway drivin' eighty left the empty beer bottle sittin' on the porch
But that's alright because she wasn't my type of lady but she surely wasn't anything I'd seen before

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