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Cast Iron Filter - Who Are We To Question Love (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (404) on 9/21/03 1 comment
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Who Are We To Question Love
By Cast Iron Filter
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 1

Intro Chords:
G  G/A  Em  Cadd9  G  G/D  Em  Cadd9 G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9  G

G                        G/A     Em             C       G
He met her on New Year's Eve at a party that her parents threw
G            G/A                   Em                C        G
He had a few too many drinks, but, well too many was just too few
G                    G/A         Em                    C        G  
She really liked his red Camaro, the way he styled his hair was nice
G                 G/A               Em                   C     G
Gold chains and a pearl white jacket like Don Johnson on Miami Vice
C                                    D
They end up kissin' in the back room while her parents entertained the guests
C                               D        
She's sweatin' under the collar wonderin’ did I pass the test because

G                 D     Cadd9   G                       Cadd9    D  
She's fifteen and he is thirty, It seems they both just play the fool
G                        D      Cadd9  G                     Cadd9  G
And though it might be a little dirty, he picks her up right after  school
G                    D       Cadd9  G                Cadd9 D
Yeah, they're flyin' like an eagle, she’s his little turtledove
G                         D        Cadd9
And though she ain't even close to legal
G             Cadd9    G 
Who are we to question love
G             D        G
Who are we to question love

Worked with her father way back in nineteen-eighty-three
They'd run a little shipping business, stealin' money legally
Based outta Sacramento, they went to Reno for the holidays
They been makin' a living and then they gambled it all away
Now he's found someone who loves her, someone who makes him feel alive
She said she'd take him anywhere but the only problem's she can't drive


She told her dad they're getting married while she's smackin' ‘round her chewin' gum
She said, "You can take it or leave it.", now her daddy's gonna to buy a gun
But instead he hired Alejandro to go and kill his new son-in-law
I don't know about you there, mister but it’s the weirdest thing I ever saw
Now he's runnin' from the hitman, she's a disease without a cure
She's talkin' to her friends about him, she always liked ‘em real mature

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Good tab. Think Michael Jackson listens
to this song? HAHA
-debeck | 1/3/2004
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